Chelyabinsk – Beijing: Story of a SUSU Student’s Trip to China

Danil Karimov is a graduate of South Ural State University majoring in Law. He continues his studies to obtain his Master’s degree at Beijing University of Technology.

– Not every person is brave enough to move to a different country. Or to go study there for that matter. How did this happen in your life?

– I came to China quite by chance. I had never considered this country as my studies destination.

– And yet…

– I took part in two international contests on Law at SUSU. My marks were good, and teaches offered me to take training abroad. At first, I didn’t take it seriously. I didn’t think that it could become reality for me. But when I received my first message from a Chinese university, I was happy. SUSU, the Institute of Law and its staff members helped me a lot with that. I am grateful to them.

– Some students choose a different major when applying for Master’s degree programmes. What about you?

– At SUSU I was studying in an elite training program of the Institute of Law. We had more workload at classes and in-depth studying of English. The universities in China offer to study the International Law as well. But it has certain peculiarities. It is related to the International Air and Space Law. The university itself is focused on that.

– Well, I’m definitely not a space tourist. But what about China? Can you advise it as a tourist destination?

– China is a very developed country. It’s fascinating. Unusual. It’s probably one of the most peculiar countries that you could imagine. I notice that I’m starting to pay more attention to the mentality, language and culture.

– How are your studies going?

– It’s interesting to study here. There are much less classes in Master’s degree programmes, so you even have some free time. You must study during one year, pass all the courses and receive a certain amount of scores in compulsory subjects. All international students must pass exams in the History of China and language proficiency.

– Do you like teachers there?

– Many of the teachers hold degrees of American or British universities. They are experts in Space Law, and even participated in compiling crucial documents in this field. It’s a pity that due to their busy schedules they cannot spend more time with students.

– Let me guess: will you stay to live in China after your graduation?

– I’m planning on going into further studies in a postgraduate programme. And also, on returning to my home country and working in the field of my specialization. Maybe as a university teacher. We shall see!

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