"Re-Turn" by Aleksandr Purik: A New Exhibition Presented at SUSU

The "Re-Turn" ("Воз-Вращение") exhibition of ceramics and paintings by Aleksandr Purik opened in the Art Gallery of South Ural State University on September 15th. Aleksandr Purik is a participant in numerous art exhibitions and festivals, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, a teacher at the Department of Decorative and Applied Arts at the Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture. In 1977, he graduated from the Instrumentation Engineering Faculty of Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute (now the SUSU School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science), but, according to him, he later found a calling in creativity.

SUSU students, teachers and staff, guests of the university, colleagues and friends of the master came to the opening. Anatoliy Razuev, curator of the exhibition and Head of the SUSU Art Museum, addressed the audience with a welcoming speech:

"Today, as always at the beginning of a new academic year, we have an important event − the opening of a new exhibition and a meeting with the author of the most interesting artworks," said Anatoliy. "Each work contains a certain concept − it is common for an artist to look for an original form in any work to embody some of his ideas or thoughts. However, it’s better to let the author himself talk about his creations."

Then the floor was given to the hero of the occasion, who spoke about his path in art and the mentors from whom he learned the secrets of mastery − Valentina Egorova and Vladimir Mishin.

"I’ve been dreaming of making an exhibition like this for a long time. Here are the results of an artistic exploration of life. It’s always interesting how lyrical, metaphysical, and philosophical concepts are expressed using the language of art," explained Aleksandr Purik. "I am very grateful to SUSU for the opportunity to hold this exhibition within the walls of my alma mater."

They say that a talented person is talented in everything: Aleksandr Purik is not only an artist, but also a poet. He recited his poems for the gathered guests.

Dozens of artworks by this remarkable master are presented at the SUSU Art Gallery. There are paintings on the walls: many still lifes, portraits, including the famous Chelyabinsk sculptor Sergei Telichko, whose exhibition was held at SUSU in 2022. There is so much poetry in the titles of the paintings: Flying Horizon, Cosmic Ties, Quadrature of Personal Space... There are many wonderful ceramic works exhibited in glass cases: sculptures − Wanderers, Hope, Dream; decorative tableware − plates called Sirin, Mermaid, Dionysus, vessels and household items such as candlesticks, still bank, Eldorado napkin holder. According to Aleksandr Purik, at first he became interested in ceramics, and later in painting, trying himself in different directions and styles − from cubism to realism. It is interesting that the motifs of antiquity (from Egypt to Rus') can be traced in his ceramic products.

The exhibition is open to visitors on weekdays until October 14th, from 10:00 to 17:00. Saturday and Sunday are days off. As always, entrance is free.

Иван Загребин, фото Сергея Качко
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