Nanotechnology Research & Education Centre

South Ural State University
Office 243, Main University Building
76, Prospect Lenina
Tel.: +7 351 267 94 67
E-mail: uni2[at][dot]ru


Head of the Center

Vyacheslav Avdin

D.Sc. (Chemistry), Professor

The Nanotechnology Center is the first Research and Education Center at SUSU. It solves problems of chemical engineering in all industries (from production of household cleaning products to performance analysis of tank engines; from the development and production of pharmaceutical drugs and products of organic synthesis to nanostructured inorganic catalysts).

Aims and tasks

  • development of synthesis methods for high-performance nanostructured inorganic catalysts
  • development of organic photosensitizers for alternative energy
  • development of technology for growing ferromagnetic and piezoelectric monocrystals
  • development of technology for growing gallium nitride monocrystals
  • development of synthesis methods of biologically active organoelement compounds
  • multi-scale computer modeling of properties of organic and inorganic functional materials
  • development of composite nanomaterials for solar energy conversion
  • development of body armour materials
  • research of organoiodine and metal-organic compounds

Engineering Services

  • analysis of different organic and inorganic materials and their element and chemical composition
  • determination of morphology of surface, internal structure, and defects in materials
  • research of the agent structure and its transformation under different temperatures
  • determination of thermal properties of materials
  • temperature transformation of the structure, evaluation of heat effects
  • research of dispersion properties of materials
  • determination of the viscosity and its transformation under different influences

Center Composition

The Center consists of two research laboratories and one sample preparation laboratory.

The first research laboratory includes:

  • equipment for studying agent dispersion properties
  • equipment for thermal analysis
  • equipment for measuring the viscosity; equipment for qualitative and quantitative chemical analyses
  • spectrometers

The second laboratory includes:

  • scanning and transmission electron microscopes of high resolution
  • X-ray powder diffraction apparatus
  • single crystal X-ray diffractometer
  • X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

The sample preparation laboratory includes different equipment for sample processing of any hardiness to determine the chemical properties, morphology and structure.

R&D Activities

The Center has:

  • developed new nanostructured catalysts, 5 times more active than the European and American ones. The catalysts enable to produce special fuel additives and conduct organic synthesis reactions
  • synthesized and described more than 300 new biologically active organoelement compounds
  • developed new magnetic sensors and piezoelectric sensors of higher accuracy than the current commercial counterparts
  • developed a new energy-efficient method of growing gallium nitride monocrystals
  • developed a new method of multi-scale computer modeling of properties of organic and inorganic functional materials
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