IT for Non-Contact ECG Measurement

South Ural State University
60, Soni Krivoy
Tel.: + 7 51 267 98 49

Head of the Project

Vladimir Kodkin


Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Physical Education and Well-Being,
Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service

Professor at the Department of Automated Electric Drive,
Institute of Engineering and Technology

It is widely believed that correct ECG measurements can be done when using traditional medical equipment only. However, the research conducted by Professor Kodkin has proved that the designed ECG measurement device allows continuous ECG recording without the attachment of conductive electrodes to the skin. ECG elements and intervals in several leads change significantly slower than the heart rate frequency; they are less affected by registration conditions, and they analyse a broad number of parameters.


  • Design of the electronic circuit;
  • Design and development of a prototype of non-contact cardiac event recorder;
  • Non-contact ECG measurement has been conducted for over 100 people and its validity proven;
  • The research project became the winner of the Open Challenge programme (by Moscow Agency of Innovations). As a result, the device is to be commercialised and introduced in public health services. At the same time, Professor Kodkin is working on patenting his invention.
  • Registered patents in the Russian Federation:
    • ECG Measurement Device for Continuous Recording/ V.L. Kodkin, A.S. Khafizova (Patent № 176791);
    • ECG Measurement Device for Continuous Recording/ V.L. Kodkin, A.M. Dubel, V.V. Epishev, A.S. Smirnov, V.V. Erlikh, A.V. Keller, S.A. Dorokhov (Patent № 163596);
    • Physiological Control Automated System/ V.L. Kodkin (Patent № 130851)


  • TD Rosava LLC
  • Elbeko LLC
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