Physical Simulation of Thermomechanical Processing Laboratory

South Ural State University
Office 035B, Main University Building
76, Prospect Lenina
E-mail: akhmedianovam[at]susu[dot]ru


Aleksandr Akhmedianov

Under the University’s strategic initiative plan, the Laboratory conducts groundbreaking research in the field of metallurgy to improve the quality of existing materials and develop the new ones with unique properties. 

What we do

  • Measure thermal expansion and contraction of materials caused by their industrial exploitation
  • Acquire new knowledge on deformation behaviour, physical properties and structure of materials
  • Develop new methods of forming processes, heat treatment, and welding

Our services

  • Investigation of materials stress-strain behaviour and microstructure in predefined thermomechanical conditions
  • Modelling multipass rolling process of steel and alloys
  • Experimental simulation of welding cycles to reveal HAZ microstructure and mechanical properties
  • Research on phase transformation and precipitation kinetics, determination of CCT and TTT diagrams
  • Determination of non-recrystallization temperature (Tnr)
  • Modelling different methods of thermal and thermomechanical processing
  • Conducting creep and low cycle fatigue tests and hot torsion tests

Our equipment

The Laboratory is equipped with the thermo-mechanical Simulator – Gleeble® 3800. The Simulator uses Mobile Conversion Units (MCUs) consisting of a test chamber with grips or anvils and mounted on wheels so that one MCU may be rolled away from the Gleeble and another MCU configuration rolled on. It allows performing advanced thermo-mechanical experiments, such as high-temperature tension/compression, plane strain compression, torsion, and sequential compression in two mutually orthogonal directions in contrast to the other popular test machines.

Our research

  • Hot deformation behaviour and structure of pipe steels
  • Deformation behaviour of aluminium alloys used in aerospace engineering
  • Low-cycle fatigue of heat-resistant materials used in aerospace engineering and nuclear industry
  • Mathematical modelling of hot deformation of metals

Our partners

Our publications

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  2. Yashin, Vasiliy & V Aryshensky, E & F Kawalla, R & Serebryany, Vladimir & Rushchits, Sergey. (2016). Investigation impact of stressed state conditions and thermomechanical parameters on the texture and structure evolution in 1565ph aluminium alloy. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. 156. 012012. 10.1088/1757-899X/156/1/012012.
  3. Rushchits, Sergey & Aryshenskii, Evgenii & Kawalla, Rudolf & Serebryany, Vladimir. (2016). Investigation of Texture Structure and Mechanical Properties Evolution during Hot Deformation of 1565 Aluminum Alloy. Materials Science Forum. 854. 73-78. 10.4028/
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