Aerospace Engineering Research & Education Centre

South Ural State University
Office 243, Main University Building
76, Prospect Lenina
Tel.: +7 351 267 94 67
E-mail: unid[at]susu[dot]ru

The centre can become fertile ground for R&D in the fields of aircraft engineering and munitions. The centre can conduct projects for particular system, model its functions and develop structural engineering technology; help with selection of fuel and gunpowder; produce micro powder; and implement SLS.

Aims and tasks

  • R&D in aerospace and defence sectors
  • implementation of technology in the industry
  • product certification
  • elite professional education

Center composition


  • Technology Department
  • Engineering Department
  • Mathematical Modeling Department
  • Laboratory “Impulse Systems and High-Speed Processes”
  • Laboratory “Micro Powder Technology”
  • Laboratory “Dynamics of Thermodynamic Processes”


  • equipment for selective laser melting of alloyed steel powders
  • equipment for spraying liquid metals
  • optical particle sizer
  • equipment for production of low-energy high-current electron beams
  • detonation coating
  • equipment for high voltage electric discharge generation

Engineering Services

Aircraft engines

  • heat and mass transfer in propulsion systems and rocket engines
  • dynamics and stability of gas-liquid flows in propulsion systems and gas-turbine engines
  • design and development of gas-turbine engines
  • energy-saving technology

Aircrafts and launching sites

  • design, engineering and experimental trials for ballistic rockets, carrier rockets, and spacecrafts
  • dynamics of rocket movements

Ammunition, fuses, and defence chemistry

  • engineering, production, and assembly technologies for munitions
  • trial methods
  • research of high-speed processes during a fire shot
  • design of fire-fighting appliances

Micro powder technology

  • micro powder production
  • micro powder analysis
  • computer modeling of processes
  • 3D prototyping
  • diagnostics of business processes of defence enterprises and cost saving recommendations

R&D activities

R&D for industries

  • R&D of unmanned aerial vehicle with all-moving wings
  • R&D of wheeled robot platforms
  • modeling of rigid schemes and ganged schemes

Development of correction methods of mass balance in ballistic aircrafts

  • correction of aerodynamic loadings on the aircraft coordinate system

Radiation modification methods for industrial construction materials 

Powder production for additive technology (sls, slm, dmd, ebm)

  • production technology for metal powder and alloy powder with the melting point of 1400C - 2000C
  • production of nano-composite powder equal to the foreign prototypes and used in additive technology
  • theoretical research and supercomputer modeling of metal and alloy spraying processes in the gas stream

Selective laser sintering (sls/slm)

Product surface modification for additive technology and electron beam processing

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