Sports Science Research Centre

South Ural State University
Office 001, Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service
60 Soni Krivoi Street
Tel.: +7 351 267 96 81
E-mail: rcss[at]istis[dot]ru

In order to lead in sports competitions, athletes have to show great results. That is why athletes’ preparation for competition is a long multi-step process, in which different specialists are engaged (trainer, physiologist, sports medicine doctor, nutritionist, etc). This multidisciplinary approach to sports is impossible without solid scientific studies.

Today, the most widely-debated issues in sports science requiring further studies concern athletes’ preparation and increase of their endurance, strength and speed without pharmacological agents. More specifically, scientists study how to:

  • develop local muscular endurance under hypoxia (in conditions of middle mountains, cyclic normobaric hypoxia, etc);
  • increase the overall endurance; how to fight fatigue and exhaustion and speed up recovery process with the help of physiological methods (hydrotreating, stretching, cryotherapy, vibration, massage, etc);
  • model and predict athletes’ adaptive physiological processes at different stages of training and competition, using computer technology and creating databases.

2014-10-16 12.30.35_R_1.jpg (1024×576)

Total body composition analyzer Tanita (Japan) - digital scales for body fat and muscles mass which determine the individual norms. 

3.jpg (1024×683)

Express urine analyzer - after 40 seconds, determines seven key indicators of urine (normal and abnormal contents).

Ergospirometry (Schiller) - helps to determine the reaction of a person’s heart, lung, vascular and metabolic system under physical stress and develop an effective training program.

Stabilometric platform - determines the risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders development; studies the vestibular system.

3D scanner - spatial 3D imaging of the spine; diagnostics of organs and muscle tone.

Express blood analyzer - non-invasive blood analysis (5 sensors attaching to the body); determines 117 parameters after 3-10 minutes.

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