Energy Efficiency in Metallurgy & Materials Science Laboratory

South Ural State University
Office 245, Main University Building
76, Prospect Lenina
Tel.: +7 351 267 94 67
E-mail: unid[at]susu[dot]ru

Head of the laboratory

Gennady Mikhailov

D.Sc., Professor

Within the framework of priority area of Energy efficient technologies in Metallurgy and modern materials the staff of the university is engaged in activities aimed at improvement of materials in quality, extraction of metals and wastes, and develops technologies of new materials extraction with special qualities.

Aims and objectives

  • Creation of thermodynamic model of depuration and modification of steel with highly-active elements (Ca, AI, B, P3M);
  • Development of the synthesis technology for calcium-aluminum-silicon-silicate structural inconvertible sorbing agent with improved photocatalytic activity and functional properties;
  • Development of innovation technology and equipment for metallothermic eliquation of high-melting metals and alloys;
  • Research of plastic deformation and kinetics of phase conversions process in materials used in construction, mechanical engineering and aircraft industry;
  • Development of a free-cutting and composite materials technology with improved mechanical properties;
  • Creation of a waste conversion technology of iron and nonferrous-metals industry. Development of a pilot production plan;
  • Development and mastering of 3D design for developing a casting model with special exothermic inserted pieces;
  • Creation of molding materials resistant to fluid alloy metal interaction.

Laboratory Structure
  • Research center Gleeble 3800;
  • Single crystals growth unit for thermodynamic calculation;
  • Hardware and software suite for welding process simulating and robot welding steelwork producing;
  • Automatic system of fluid chromatographic analysis with a spectrophotometrical demodulation.

Basic Engineering groups

  • Development of technologies of steel and alloy formulation;
  • Thermodynamic simulation;
  • Thermomechanical simulation;
  • Development of the single crystal growth technologies;
  • Development of the technology-related waste recycling processes;
  • Modernization of foundry engineering technologies.

Research and Development Works

Laboratory for physical stimulating of thermomechanical process (Gleeble)

The Gleeble 3800 center provides analysis of new structural aluminum alloy’s hot deformation, which are used in shipbuilding and aircraft industry. The distinctive features of the CK3MCUN minor cycle behavior are examined, which are used in vital parts of aerospace engineering and energy industry

The results of Thermodynamic process of modified steel research have been obtained. We first constructed an oxide pattern graph, which contains oxides of iron, cerium, aluminum, silicon, chrome and lanthanum. On the practical side a deoxidation power graph of La and Ce attracts special attention. We first constructed a deoxidation power graph of addition alloys with boron.

In the frame of the Receipt of Single Crystal Materials Project

  • The set of experiments on getting magnetic and piezoelectric single crystals were performed;
  • Barium hexaferrite bulk crystals were synthesized with degree of substitution more than 2;
  • Individual and fine barium hexaferrite crystals can be used in a microwave band.
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