Powder Metallurgy Resource Centre

South Ural State University
Office 023, Main University Building
Tel.: + 7 351 272 32 31
E-mail: samodurovamn[at]susu[dot]ru


Marina Samodurova

Ph.D., Associate Professor 

The Resource Centre was established to pursue pioneering research in the field of powder metallurgy. The Centre offers services in powder forming, developing multifunctional and gradient coatings by laser cladding.

What we do:

  • Develop competitive powder forming technologies and materials
  • Research and develop powder materials (metal and non-metal), including:
    • composite materials
    • hard-to-deform materials
    • materials with high-melting points
    • fire-retardant materials
    • corrosion resistant materials
    • nanostructured materials
    • carbon and graphite materials
  • Design metal forming tools
  • Develop additive manufacturing technologies (laser cladding, thermal spraying)
  • Develop powder-based multifunctional and gradient coatings for various applications

Our services:

  • Design and optimisation of industrial processes
  • Design and development of industrial projects
  • Personnel training
  • Applied research and development projects in the following areas:
    • transport and space systems
    • energy efficiency, nuclear power engineering
    • nanosystems engineering
    • military technology

Our equipment

  • Powder forming equipment
  • Laser cladding equipment

Our research

1. Development of powder forming technology (static and dynamic compaction)

  • choice of equipment
  • mould design and development
  • press moulding
  • heat treatment

2. Research of technological and mechanical properties of powders

  • analysis of chemical properties
  • powder modification for particular applications
  • analysis of granulation, compressibility, fluidity, etc.

3. Direct laser cladding of powder materials

  • industrial process design
  • choice of powder materials
  • development and application of various coatings
  • rapid prototyping

4. Thermal spraying

  • choice of powder materials
  • industrial process design
  • development of thick and multifunctional coatings
  • analysis of coating quality, adhesion, robustness, etc.

5. Plastics manufacturing

  • development and design of equipment
  • development and design of industrial processes

6. Development and design of tools and moulds

7. Development of automated equipment for laser cladding and thermal spraying

  • choice of equipment
  • development of software

8. Project engineering in the field of powder metallurgy

Our partners

Our publications

  1. Barkov, L.A., Samodurova, M.N., Zakirov, R.A. et al., Technology and Mills with Four-Roll Passes for Rolling Small Section Nickel-Base Superalloys, Metallurgist (2017) 60: 1094. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11015-017-0412-1
  2. Barkov, L.A., Samodurova, M.N., Zakirov, R.A. et al., Die Technology and Construction for Compacting Gas-Saturated Tungsten and Carbon Powders, Metallurgist (2017) 60: 1277. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11015-017-0441-9
  3. Barkov, L.A., Samodurova, M.N., Zakirov, R.A. et al., Device for One- and Two-Sided Molding of Refractory Metal Powders Into Electric-Arc Melting Electrode Workpieces, Metallurgist (2018) 61: 917. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11015-018-0587-0
  4. Barkov, L.A., Samodurova, M.N., Zakirov, R.A. et al., Devices for the Formation of Long-Length Products from Powder Materials, Metallurgist (2018) 61: 1029. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11015-018-0603-4
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