43.04.02 Tourism

Program level

Master’s degree

Program length

2 years (Full time)

Mode of study

Full time

Language of instruction


Full name of the coordinator, telephone and e-mail

Tatyana Nikolaevna Tretyakova, 8 (351) 730-52-92, tretiakovatn[at]susu[dot]ru

Irina Alexandrovna Freinkina, 8 (351) 730-52-92, freinkinaia[at]susu[dot]ru

Program description

The purpose of the education program "Master of Tourism" is the development of research competence in the formation of tourism as a direction of scientific research and the development of scientific and pedagogical potential. Mandatory part of the education program "Master of Tourism" is the implementation of scientific research on the topic of Master's thesis. Academic degree is Master’s.

The area of ​​professional activity of graduate students in 43.04.02 Tourism includes the development and implementation of tourism products and services with qualities that meet the requirements of consumers, the organization of comprehensive tourist services in the main sectors of the tourism industry, the design of tourism and recreation zones and complexes, their management.

The education program 43.04.02 Tourism provides the training of graduates for the following types of professional activity: design; production and technology; organization and management; service; research.

The main areas of research work of the Master’s thesis:

  1. theory and practice of tourist areas assessment with the consideration of recreational geography;
  2. ergonomics of tourism and health care;
  3. cluster approach in the design of tourist areas;
  4. innovative approaches in designing service programs based on a study of the cultural heritage of the region;
  5. pedagogy of tourism: theory and methodology.

Field of study

General theory of tourism and tourism industry

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