Frying Oil Upcycling: Chelyabinsk Scientists Found a Way to Process Catering Waste into Lubricating Materials

Thanks to the work of scientists of South Ural State University, a long-standing problem for cafes and restaurants has been solved: how to dispose of the used frying oil. There were problems with its disposal; usually burnt oil was burned in brick factories and small enterprises. But recently, emissions standards have become stricter; and burning waste oil has become prohibited. SUSU scientists have proposed a rational approach to the problem: to process waste vegetable oils into lubricating materials.

“Grain harvester has attachments in the front, hydraulics, and other lubricated parts that constantly get dirty, and the lubricant needs to be changed,” said Igor Mukhortov, Associate Professor of the SUSU Department of Automobile Transport of the Institute of Engineering and Technology. “We propose to make greases for agricultural equipment from waste frying oils: with minimal technical difficulties and minimal investment of money.”

The Chelyabinsk scientists proposed using the transesterification technology and developed additives that help turn catering waste into a more valuable product. A grant from the Russian Science Foundation was received for the research.

“In the simplest mixers, that heat up and mix with certain components, we obtain high-quality lubricants from heat-treated oils,” said Igor Mukhortov. “If we find an enterprise that is planning to sell the final product, then we will help set up the production.”

The technology is completely ready for transfer to industrial partners. It will take 3 to 6 months to implement it into real production. All necessary equipment is produced in Russia.


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