A Professor from Egypt Working at SUSU

SUSU has one of the best structures for scientific activity in the country. There are about 40 laboratories at the university - the basis for the development of scientific directions for schools and institutes. Over the past few years, twelve international laboratories have been established under the supervision of leading foreign professors. The university is at the forefront of science, and SUSU scientists are published in prestigious journals.

El-Sohaimy Sobhy Ahmed, a professor of Food Biochemistry from Egypt, nowadays works at South Ural State University in the Department of Technology and Organization of Public Catering. We asked him some questions about his work and his plans.

- How did you learn about the university?

- I got the information about the university from the European portal and contacted with the International relation Department after that the university invited me according to the 5-100 program.  First of all, I came to the SUSU to contribute in the strengthen the educational and research level of the university as a one of SUSU staff member. From that date, I am doing my best to do something good and unique for the department where I work and consequently for the university on the educational and research level.

- What is your scientific focus?

- My branch of science (Food Biochemistry and Human Nutrition), this branch is a quite interesting and important for all people around the world and taken a lot of attention from the scientists. We are teaching and carrying out a research about "what we eat and how we eat". Every day, all of us are eating but it is important to know how to choose your food to be healthy. That is why I am focusing merely on functional food and human nutrition. Nowadays, our research work going on in different parallel lines, the first one, focusing on the identifying and characterize of the natural bioactive compounds from different sources and their functions in the treatment or preventing some human diseases. 

 Based on the research data we can use these bioactive compounds to formulate and develop a novel functional foods or supplement some foods with these bioactive compounds to give the consumers not only nutrition benefits but also therapeutic benefits for their health. These kinds of foods called "Health Promoting Foods". These foods may help in treating some kinds of chronic diseases such as cancer, gastrointestinal tract problems, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

On the other hand, we can utilize some bioactive compounds as natural food preservatives instead of chemical and synthetic preservatives which causing health problems for consumers.

- Are there any specific approaches to research success in the modern world?


- First of all, to engage in the scientific competition and development of the world we have to focus on an innovation in our research. Only innovation helps us to compete with other scientific communities worldwide. 

For an innovative research we have to establish a fully equipped laboratories with good facilities; we have to work in a team work; we have to prepare a strong research plan (short-term, mid-term and long-term plan), also, we have to work on a changing  and redirect a way of thinking of our young scientists, Finally, we have to open a collaboration with another scientific institutions and organization around the world.

- Are there any educational programs at the university where students can get the knowledge on the topic?

- Yes. In order to prepare a highly qualified specialist and give them versatile theoretical knowledge, practical skills and skills in English language we launch a new Bachelor’s program (Functional Foods and Nutrition) in English language in the Department of Technology and Organization of Public Catering of the Institute of Sports, Tourism and Service. By earning a bachelor's in Functional Foods and Nutrition at South Ural State University, students will be able to take the first step toward becoming registered Functional Food professionals. Through this program, students will gain an understanding of the relationship between diet and human health and be able to apply that knowledge in their career. This program will be a unique program in Russian Federation to prepare specialists in functional foods, which makes it a perfect for working adults. Graduates of this program may choose from a variety of places to work including major medical centers, hospitals, public health settings, community agencies, private consulting firms, higher education, or business and industry, pharmaceutical companies, and restaurants.

By this program we are aiming to prepare high qualified specialists on according the international standard to compete in the labor market and support the national economic.

- What are your plans for future? 

- My plan with the staff of the department of Food Technology and Organization of Public Catering is to establish a new innovation center for functional foods to be the first in Russia. This center will contain four specific laboratories for functional foods and nutrition research. The plan of the establishing of this innovation center is almost ready and just we are seeking a suitable financial support to start. Also, I am working now on establishing a research group in functional foods and human nutrition to lead this branch on science not only at SUSU but also across Russian Federation.

- Do you have any free time after a hard-working day?

- Actually, I have quite little free time. But of course, I can't work all days and nights without any refreshing, so sometimes I go to the park to get some fresh air. While walking I can have some new ideas and it helps to continue working effectively and doing my best for the university.       


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Valentina Metelyova, photos by Maria Ilina
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