SUSU Celebrates Beauty Day and Graphic Designer Day

Today, Beauty Day is celebrated worldwide, and Graphic Designer Day is celebrated in our country. Beauty can manifest itself not only in people and their deeds, but in their creativity as well. At the Department of Service and Technology of Material Artistic Processing of South Ural State University, the designers put their ideas into life and bring beauty to this world.

Design and Beauty Are the Categories that Go Hand in Hand with Each Other

Design is the activity of creating (designing) functional, aesthetically viable, comfortable and harmonious object environment of human beings. Design objects are everywhere we turn. Take a look around: the interior you find yourself in; the furniture you sit on; the phone that is in your bag or backpack, and even a pen that you write with, are all designed objects.

Not a single object in person's environment can exist without design. It is namely a designer who creates comfortable, beautiful and functional things that delight us with their bright forms, new functions or smashing interfaces. Design and beauty are the categories that go hand in hand with each other, but are not identical in their meaning.

Nowadays, there are many types of design. Classic forms: industrial design, graphic design and advertising, interior design, architectural environment design, and costume design. At present, more and more new forms are added to them: landscape design, art design, web design, communication design, media design, lighting design, and more.

But any form of design cannot be imagined without colour science, composition, typography and design engineering in common. These aspects provide unity, integrity of the artistic concept, harmony between all parts of the design objects. Using the method of the Golden Section, proportionality and harmony, designers achieve the real beauty and perfection of the designed products.

The Department of Service and Technology of Material Artistic Processing of the SUSU Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service train specialists in the field of industrial design, graphic design and applied arts.

The objects, designed by students, are very diverse: they work with textile materials (batik, tapestry, carpet weaving, felt, patchwork, costume design); industrial design objects (furniture, lamps); in the field of interior design and graphic design (corporate brand, posters, books, communication design); and arts and crafts (wall painting, jewellery, ceramics, and sculpture).

“You have to be accurate, careful, interested and creative when working with design objects. But one can definitely say that working with the beauty of things dignifies you, gives positive emotions, and you start to understand the beauty of the world around. A designer is a practical person who, thanks to his/her creative activity, improves the whole world around us” says Associate Professor of the Department of Service and Technology of Material Artistic Processing, Candidate of Sciences (Art History), Member of the Russia Designers Association Tatiana Vekovtseva.

Practicing academics, who are working at the department, are members of the Union of Russian Artists and Russia Designers Association, what gives students the opportunity to see practical projects, look at design and creativity from the inside. Graduates of the department find jobs in various spheres: advertising agencies, furniture salons, beauty salons, fabric stores, and designer tailoring studios. A number of Bachelor's degree students successfully practice on their own in the field of graphic and interior design engaging in freelance work.

Marina Kovyazina, photo: archive of the Department
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