Campus Director Liudmila Zadorina: “We're Doing Everything Necessary to Ensure Our Students' Safety”

The Campus of South Ural State University is one of the university's subdivisions that keeps functioning in the context of the current difficult epidemiological situation. Among the university's priority tasks is to help the students and staff members living and working in the dormitories to stay healthy.

It is worth noting that sixty percent of students went home for the sake of safety. It is mostly international students who have stayed on Campus.

“There much less students in dormitories now. Currently we're making the list of names of those who have stayed here. We recommend the students from the neighbouring regions to go home, if possible, so that the social distancing was a maximum one, and very little people stayed in the dormitory rooms. Today it's a big deal whether there are two people in one room, or four. It's also necessary to reduce the interaction between people while they are in the kitchens, toilet rooms, or in corridors,” gives comment Director of the SUSU Campus Liudmila Zadorina.

A number of measures have been taken to ensure safety of the students remaining in the dormitories. First of all, every dormitory is being very well cleaned with disinfectants. The public places are being cleaned twice a day, and the door handles, railings and banisters are being disinfected. In this regard the volume of purchase of the disinfectants needed to clean the dormitory rooms has been increased.

Hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed at the dormitory entrances. The Campus staff members are allow to work only after their body temperature is measured. It is also worth noting that all the employees have been provided with reusable face masks, which were sewn by the SUSU staff members. The students living in the dormitories are also being equipped with face masks (read news: Reusable Face Masks for the Staff Members Being Produced at SUSU).

Liudmila Zadorina noted that there were no difficulties with switching to the quarantine regime. The Campus provides students with everything needed for distance learning. And those employees, who have to do additional room cleaning, consider it to be a matter of their own concern as they also live in these dormitories alongside the students. Nevertheless, the observation of all the safety precautions is being constantly controlled.

In addition, the Campus has organized a quarantine zone equipped in compliance with the sanitary regulations; in one of the dormitories, the whole first floor with a separate entrance has been prepared in case there is a need for it. Guest visits to the dormitories are banned; and it is also prohibited to leave the dormitories from 23:00 till 6:00 during the period of quarantine measure (following the Rector's Decree No.590 as of 30.03.2020).

Today the Campus offers 5 vacancies, which students can apply for. The dormitories need concierges; and students of any nationality and with the sufficient level of proficiency in Russian can take the job. Now 4 students, two of them being international students, work on the Campus.

Nataliya Bagretsova, photo by Oleg Igoshin
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