Heritage of the Nation: Best SUSU Graduates in 2018.Part II

Each year, more than a thousand students from various majors graduate from South Ural State University. A very nice tradition got formed at the university: each year we talk about our best graduates. This year there are so many of them that we divided the story about them into two parts. Part I is available here. Today we continue talking about those who lived their student years for full, achieved good results in academic, research and extracurricular activity of the university, having proved that he or she is worthy to be called the Best SUSU Graduate in 2018.

Institute of Architecture and Construction

Maria Ivanova

“When getting enrolled to the university, my priority choice was specifically the Faculty of Architecture; I knew that I’ll be able to implement my creative abilities there. I chose the specialty of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture. During the 1st and the 2nd years of study we worked ‘with our own hands’, which means we drew by hand, visualized volume compositions, composed mockups, and executed simulations. At senior years of study we designed more scaleous projects: medium-height building, high-rise building, project of a settlement and a neighborhood unit, reconstruction of a city block, etc. The final project that reflected all the knowledge acquired during the study is my graduation project. The topic of my thesis is ‘Innovation and research center in suburban area of the city of Chelyabinsk’. I made a huge work in elaborating the project proposal and theoretical model of the innovative center.
During my study at the university, I took part in many projects and conferences. At the 2nd year of study I worked on development of a health bench using which a person can measure blood pressure, heart rate, and even call the ambulance using the in-built computer by just placing a hand on the armrest. I completed the program of the Young Leader School, was a member of SUSU’s Trade Union Committee, held a position of senior student mentor of the Faculty, and then of Deputy Chairman and the Chairman of the Faculty. Several times I was at the Utro (Morning) Forum; 4 times I was in Taurida where I won a grant of 300 000 rubles intended for implementation of a project that I personally presented to the President of the Russia Federation, V.V. Putin. I participated in the World Festival of Youth and Students and in the Forum called ‘Russia is the Country of Possibilities’. I am planning to continue my education and get master’s degree.

I am grateful to SUSU for all the opportunities that it gave me. Here I obtained the necessary professional knowledge, interesting experience; I extended the range of acquaintances and friends, and got a lot of unique opportunities for self-fulfillment. I will always be recalling my student years at SUSU with affection.”

School of Medical Biology

Sabina Sabirzyanova

“I am very happy with my study; it exceeded all my expectations. Due to high level of qualification and competency of the teachers, I obtained a huge background of knowledge that I use in real life. Lectures and practical training were very interesting. It is good that our Department of Biotechnology has innovative equipment, with the use of which we carried our various research activities. I took part in the UMNIK contest, as well as in conferences and sports competitions. I represented my Faculty at sport competitions in badminton. After completing bachelor’s degree program, I am planning to continue my education in master’s studies.

I am grateful to SUSU for unforgettable and happy student years, and for the knowledge acquired in various spheres; I am especially thankful to the teaching staff of our Department, who comprehensibly explained and made us learn all the academic material.”









School of Economics and Management

Aleksandr Tursukov

“In distant 2014, I got enrolled to the Department of Economics and Project Management (nowadays the Department of Economics of Business and Project Management) for the specialty of Management. I had many variants of where to go to study, but after acquaintance with academic staff and achievements of the Department, I decided to apply there.
Studying was easy as I participated in various contests that were closely related with project management. These were the contests that gave me a supplementary vast background of knowledge that I combined with the studied disciplines. In 2016, me and my team won an all-Russian contest, after which we got invited to represent Russian Federation at an International conference in Nice. Recently, we took the 2nd place at the All-Russian Project management Contest, and due to this we became certified specialists in project management. At the end of May, our work was duly appreciated, and as a prize we got the opportunity to become participants of the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum. Aside from the mentioned achievements, our team is the winner of many international, all-Russian and regional contests related to project management. Simultaneously with participation in contests I work on writing business plans. I think that my path is leading me to master’s studies, but in parallel I am planning to find a job or start my own business.

I am grateful to SUSU for the opportunity to see not only Russia but the world!”

Lyubov Sitnikova

“I finished my master’s degree studies in the specialty of Applied Computer Science. The choice of this specialty was determined by the list of disciplines that were interesting for me and could provide a good background of knowledge and skills for becoming an in-demand specialist. Studying was interesting and, more importantly, fruitful. And of course, just like for any other student, this process once per semester got divided into two periods: the interesting lectures and the sleepless exams session. I had to combine work and study. I would say, this was the only difficulty, besides such things only make us stronger. There are two options of development of my future: the first one is postgraduate studies. During all these years I got attached to the university and I don’t want to fall out of the image of a ‘lifelong student’. Nevertheless, I also feel attached to science and teaching other people. I think that postgraduate studies will allow me maximally uncovering my potential. The second option is to move to another city. I’m undertaking internship at ChTPZ Company which has several branch companies. One of them is in Moscow. This is a perfect opportunity for career growth and valuable experience. Besides, I got very interested in the sphere of business analytics.

I am grateful to SUSU for the opportunity not just study but to enjoy student life; I am thankful for uncovering my intellectual and creative potentials, for confidence in my powers and for supporting my ideas. I am very grateful for the friends who will stay by your side through thick and thin not just during the study but for life.”

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Anton Rogozin

“When entering the university, I chose the specialty of Computer Science and Computational Equipment. Lecturers here have a huge work experience not only in academic but also in professional area. For me, studying in this university was practically always easy and interesting.

Most of the teachers who delivered lectures and administered exams were amazing people who demanded not to learn by heart and write a lot of notes in a workbook, but simply understand the disciplines they taught and possess knowledge on the subject, which would comply with criteria of the higher education institution. My group generally was very friendly and nice. I also got an additional education as a translator in the sphere of professional communication. My research article about databases was published in SUSU Bulletin. I attended classes at SUSU photo school and took part in photocrosses. I intend to find a job in my specialty.

I am grateful to SUSU for meeting new people, both teachers and students; for the acquired knowledge which I can apply in practice, and for development of diligence in the study process!”



Institute of Linguistics and International Communication

Daria Troeglazova

“In 2013, I got admitted to SUSU for the specialty of Practice and Theory of Translation, for majoring in Linguistic Support of Interstate Relations. The study was fruitful, efficient and incredibly interesting; sometimes it was difficult: completing home assignment all night long, heaps of books to be read for a couple of evenings, thousands of pages of linguistic and stylistic analyses. However, I am grateful for the strict discipline and such busy schedule for implementation of the education process. I learned to manage my time and complete all planned assignments in time and with less time consumption while maintaining quality of the output result. During my time of studying at the university, I managed to try myself as a student mentor, senior mentor of the Faculty of Linguistics, Chairman of the Faculty’s Trade Union Bureau; I participated in organizing and holding events of both the Faculty and the university scale; I attended sports sections and the SUSU swimming pool; I took part in translation contests, etc. After graduation I am planning to keep working in the company to which I got employed while being a fourth-year student. I want to continue improving my level of English and French; I very much want to start learning other languages, and I am going to put maximum efforts to achieve this.

I am grateful to the university for the opportunity to fulfill myself, for the multi-sided development; for the people with whom I had to interact during my study and in the process of social activity; many of them have become an inseparable part of my life, making it incredibly more interesting and colorful. I would like to say a personal ‘thanks’ to academic staff of the university for their compassion and support, for the knowledge and skills that I acquired within five years of studying. Thanks for the spirit and efforts that you put into us, your students; this is an invaluable, immensely important work that deserves to be acknowledged and respected. I am also grateful to SUSU for aspire to further growth and self-improvement.”

Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities

Tatiana Petrova

“In 2014, I got enrolled to SUSU for the specialty of History. Yet back at school I got attached to this subject; I took part in various Olympiads and science-to-practice conferences, headed the group of activists of our school museum, and conducted excursions around Chelyabinsk. My first research article got published when I was a 10th grade student. Besides, in 8th grade I attended classes at SUSU’s School of Physics and Mathematics. This is exactly when I realized that SUSU is the only place where I would like to study! From the very first year, my studying was quite successful. First of all, all four years I was doing what I really love doing. Secondly, I got very lucky with the academic staff. Teachers held lectures and workshops at a very high level; they treated us with understanding and always tried to help by word or deed. During the time of study I mainly took part in scientific events: Olympiads, conferences, etc. After finishing my bachelor’s studies, I am planning to apply for master’s degree studies and continue to pursue science. I am grateful to SUSU for the exceptional atmosphere during classes, in university halls, and, of course, in Olimp Sports and Education Camp! Entering the main university building within these 8 years, each time I felt a special pride and excitement, because I was entering a building which is the brand of the city of Chelyabinsk and the Chelyabinsk region. I am grateful to SUSU for my group of the kindest, sympathetic and optimistic guys and girls, who survived all the exams! I am grateful to SUSU for the start to a big science!”

Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Marina Vasilenko

“I got enrolled for the specialty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. At the first year of studies I remember how we were passing our first exams, how we felt nervous, how we prepared, as our first serious exam was Mathematical Analysis. I remember well warm attitude on behalf of our lecturers, the Department and senior fellow students. If we faced difficulties, everyone understood it and was ready to help us! I participated in Olympiads and often had to go on trips for the competitions, so I had to keep up with my studies, that is why it was difficult sometimes, but I always received help! Over the time of studying I actively participated in the Olympiad movement on Programming and Mathematics. In programming my best achievement was participation in semi-finals of ACM ICPC World Championships, and in Mathematics - in super-finals of the international Internet Olympiad in the city of Ariel, Israel, where I managed to win silver medal! Active participation in Olympiads and meetings became my second student life, which went parallel to my studies, and allowed me to see the whole country, go abroad and take internship at Google Company. After I obtain my Bachelor’s degree, I’m planning on enrolling for further studies under Master’s program.

I’m grateful to SUSU for the provided wonderful opportunities in studies, Olympiads, development and recreation. And also for the new friends and for the fact that these 4 years have become the best years of my life!”

Artem Shchelokov

“In 2012 I entered SUSU for the state-financed program of the Faculty of Chemistry, the speciality of Chemical Technology. And in 2016 I kept studying under Master’s program in the same speciality. I can say that before entering SUSU I attended the Open House Day and I liked both the university and the Faculty of Chemistry very much. I very much liked the Chemistry related subjects taught to us in the beginning of our studies, those included Organic Chemistry and General Chemistry. From the very beginning of our studies I was interested in science. That is why from the very first year of studies I got interested in it and study it when it was possible, because our Faculty of Chemistry provides wide opportunities for studying. With the help of my scientific advisors I have published several articles on Organoelemental Chemistry over the years of studying at the university. During my Master’s studies I got a chance to participate in the grant by RFBR (Russian Foundation for Basic Research). Over the time of participating in this grant I learned how to operate several laboratory appliances, obtained new knowledge, got acquainted with wonderful people, and what is equally important worked on and gathered data for my Master’s qualification work. After I graduate from the university, I’m planning to use the obtained knowledge on practice, find an interesting job where on the one hand I will be able to fulfill my plans and ideas, and on the other hand to gain experience and professional skills. I’m also planning to obtain additional education in one of the specialities at SUSU in the future.

I’m grateful to SUSU for the obtained knowledge, gained experience, for the opportunity to work in one of the most modern laboratories, for the lecturers without whose help SUSU could not develop and reach new heights.”

Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service

Artem Garashchuk

“Previously I obtained bachelor’s degree at the International Faculty. Then I got enrolled for master’s degree studies in Physical Education at the Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service. During the entire period of study I represented SUSU at sport competitions of various level and earned many honorable prizes.

I am grateful to SUSU for the best student years of my life, for high quality education, and for new friends!”











Polytechnic Institute

Alfiya Kudasheva

“I entered the Intellectual Electric Power Engineering Networks and Systems program, the field of Electric Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering. When you walk this path on your own, you understand that student years are really the best years of your life. The memories of our lectures and laboratory works are priceless. We had difficulties of course. But I believe every student must have such experience. All the difficulties are nothing compared to the moment of triumph when you pass everything on grades A, or when you get the so longed for “automatic” pass on a discipline. University life allows to develop yourself and fulfill your potential in various fields. New aspects of your personality open. For instance, I discovered that I wish to be a volunteer, and I think it’s great. I actively do research, and as of today I have 3 publications, and 2 more are being prepared to be published. Moreover, I took part in student and international youth scientific conferences. Also I managed to participate in an all-Russian forum of young specialists in the city of Kazan. I’m planning on enrolling for the Master’s program and continue studies at my alma mater Department.

I am grateful to SUSU for the opportunity to understand who I want to be, and to gain experience and knowledge. In particular I’d like to express my gratitude to the lecturers, who not only taught us, but also supported us all the way.”





Institute of Law

Anastasia Tereshchenko

“I entered the Faculty of Law in 2014, for the criminal speciality. In general it was quite easy to study. However, at the Faculty of Law all the studied disciplines require to be focused and to study them deeply. The main thing is to learn everything and pass exams on time! Over the time of studies I took part and won prizes in law conferences of SUSU, Ural State law University, Kutafin Moscow State Law University, student Olympiads at the regional and all-Russian levels. I did research: studied and reviewed various legal problems and issues in scientific articles. Besides that I participated in the Faculty life. After I graduate from the university, I’m planning on continuing studies under the speciality I chose, and on enrolling in the Master’s program. 

I am grateful to SUSU for the fact that this university gave me a chance to prove myself not only in studies, but also in research!”

Marina Kovyazina; photo by: SUSU photo school
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