Heritage of the Nation: Best SUSU Graduates in 2018

Each year, more than a thousand students from various majors graduate from South Ural State University. A few of them earn the honorable title of best graduates from SUSU – their academic background includes research articles, grants, certificates, medals, and active participation in extracurricular life of the university. A few of them shared their success story with us.

Institute of Architecture and Construction

Aleksandra Platova: “Throughout my education, I took part several times in various research exhibitions and conferences, was a frequent visitor of international architectural contests. After graduation from my alma mater, I’m going to China to Tsinghua University.

I’m thankful to SUSU for the background of knowledge in the sphere of design that I gained; for the opportunity of international exchange, and for the strict, but fair teaching staff, who helped me become the person I am today.”

School of Medical Biology

Anastasia Volodina: “There were no special difficult points in my education, as I completed all of my assignments on time. Throughout my education, I wrote three articles, and also helped the Faculty of Pre-university Training in holding social events like: open house days, career days, the Zvezda Olympiad, and many other. After my education, I am planning to find a job in my specialty and go on to a master’s degree.

I am thankful to the university for the knowledge and skills I gained, and for the chance to meet new people.”

School of Economics and Management

Ksenia Karyagina: “I was able to prove myself by writing research articles with professors from the Department of Economic Security. At this time, six of my articles have been published. Moreover, I participated in professional student contests such as Enactus and case championships from the largest Russian and international companies like EY, Unilever, Coca-cola, and others.

I was able to attend the largest Russian youth forums – Territoriya Smyslov (Territory of Thoughts), UTRO (MORNING). After graduating from university, I am planning to continue my education in post-graduate studies. I am thankful to SUSU for the beautiful university buildings, the comfortable classrooms, and, most importantly, for the teaching staff. They didn’t just teach us the intricacies of our subjects, they gave us a piece of their soul, and helped us uncover and realize our potential. As a graduate, I can call SUSU and my Department my alma mater with pride, and say thank you for these wonderful student years!”

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Aleksandr Dyakonov: “Student life didn’t just include education, it also included a lot of various events, both academic and entertaining. The most difficult thing was to not get distracted, and only work on what was absolutely necessary. For around a year, I helped members of the Student Council take the first steps in writing research papers and helped in some events by providing material and technical support. Later, I enrolled in the military department, where I earned the title of lieutenant. In the brigade, we developed programs for training flight personnel, for which we later obtained a patent. In my fifth year of study, I was awarded a presidential scholarship for my achievements in research. At the end of my fourth year, I began working in my field of study, and after the university I am planning to get employed to law enforcement.

I’m thankful to SUSU for the time it gave me for searching for myself and for my calling; for the stable, uniquely carefree, and perhaps the best years of life for maturing”

Yana Krayeva: “I dreamed of being a software designer, so my choice fell on the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences – on the Department of Systems Programming. I, like all students, went to and listened to my lectures and completed the practical assignments assigned to me during laboratory works. I tried to complete them on time. There were many assignments, and they were all interesting, however it was difficult to find enough time. During my education, I took part in an international contest for data analysis – SMS Group Data Challenge, where my team took first place. I earned a 2nd place diploma at the 13th Ural Exhibition of the CSTCY “Eurasian Gates of Russia – a Step to the Future” (Chelyabinsk, 2-4 April, 2018) and I did a report at the 71st SUSU Student Research Conference (Chelyabinsk, May 14th, 2018). After I earn my bachelors degree, I want to continue my education at the SEECS and enroll in the master’s program in “Fundamental Informatics and Informational Technologies”. I am thankful to SUSU because while studying in my Department, I earned knowledge in mathematics and software engineering, which will help me in my future work in the chosen specialty.”


Institute of Linguistics and International Communications

Ksenia Bershova: “Education in the Department of International Relations was good, there were no big difficulties, but studying for the state exams and final defense, of course, took a lot of effort – but everything worked out! Throughout my education, I published papers in the inter-university collection of young researchers Studium Juvenis, I was a student mentor at the International Faculty, and took part in the “Day of Young Diplomats” in Yekaterinburg.

I would like to continue my education in a master’s program in Moscow or Saint Petersburg. I am thankful to SUSU for my wonderful student years! We had great professors, a friendly group, and interesting intellectual activities.”

Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities

Ksenia Arkhipova: “In 2014, I enrolled in the Faculty of Psychology. With each year, I learned more and more about my future profession and I understood that I made the right choice. My acquaintance with SUSU began almost immediately with the Trade Union Committee and the School of Young Leaders. From my 1st year of study, I wanted to do something for my Faculty, so I tried to organize various events, then I went to the camp which all SUSU activists love – Olimp, after which I began to work with the Cultural Commission, after which I began to organize events at a level higher than the Faculty. As a result, I became the Head of the Trade Union Committee of the Faculty of Psychology.

Despite my active social work, I also took part in various university conferences, where I was a prize winner more than once. Together with my research advisor, I worked on the development and standardization of the psychodiagnostic method. In addition, I wrote and published a research article. After graduation, I plan on continuing my education in a master’s program at SUSU in the Psychology major (Medical Psychology and Psychology of Stress) and find a job in my specialty. I am thankful to SUSU for the knowledge and experience and for the people who were around me. South Ural State University is a strong base for bringing to life the capabilities of every student – the most important thing is desire – a desire to do something not for oneself but also for all the people around you.”

Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Ekaterina Verina: “My studies in the master’s program were quite comfortable. All of the reports, research defenses, practical training, tests, and exams were easy for me. I wanted more than just attending classes. So I learned about the department laboratories.

My work with my advisor Natalia Vladimirovna Krupina appeared in such collections as Young Researchers 2018 and SUSU Science 2018. Now I am working on an interesting article related to conoscopic figures. If everything works out, this article will help me increase my academic position in the nearest future. I’m not planning on slowing my pace, I plan on earning work in Snezhinsk. I am thankful to SUSU for the years I spent in its walls. I had everything here: love, contests, organization of events, and much more. I was even able to be the Chairman of dormitory No.8 and a participant of Miss Student Campus.”

Institute of Sport, Tourism, and Service

Ekaterina Korytko: “The academic process was interesting: the general subjects were combined with creative projects. It was sometimes very simple – we just had to go to our lessons and turn in our assignments on time to get a good grade. Throughout my education, I participated in many contests and Olympiads, including international and foreign ones. My papers earned prizes and were shortlisted in international design contests. After graduation, I plan on continuing my education in my field – after all, art doesn’t stand still, and it’s very interesting to develop alongside it. I haven’t ruled out the possibility of earning an education abroad.

I am thankful to SUSU for the professors, and their approach to organizing the academic process which left me with the best memories.”

Polytechnic Institute

Ilya Bochkov: “I enrolled in the Rocket Complexes and Astronautical Science program in the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. My studies went very well. I had a few difficulties in the very beginning of my education, because a few subjects didn’t click for me immediately. I participated in research conferences, presented my projects. At the very end of my education, I was able to take first place in a scientific conference. The topic of my project was ‘Concept of a single-stage, multi-use space vehicles’. After getting my degree, I plan on working in my field of study.

I am thankful to SUSU for the life lessons it game me. And of course for the education I received.”

Institute of Law

Maria Petrova: “Exactly 5 years ago, I chose a new field of study in the Faculty of Law which appeared at SUSU – Forensic Inquiry. I was interested in the variety of subjects and various academic fields, and I had a lot of interest in tying my life to interesting work. My studies were not easy – besides the humanitarian sciences, we studied natural sciences, as well as subjects that were difficult for those of us who took history and social sciences as our EGE subjects.

But we succeeded, and never regretted that we chose this field. After all, thanks to the variety of disciplines, you learn to think more broadly. It’s also worth noting, that our teaching staff are true professionals in their field, who helped us both master our profession and supported us throughout the whole academic process. Big thanks to them for this! Throughout my education, I was able to participate in two international research conferences, write two research papers, take part in the Russian Student Olympiad in Law (in the Forensics category). I also took part in the 14th Tournament of Forensic Experts at the A. Bertillon Cup in Omsk, in a team which took 2nd place. My dream was to work in law enforcement. I really hope that I will be able to fulfill my dream. I am thankful to SUSU for the profession I have, for my wonderful friends and classmates, and for the teachers who gave us part of their soul.”

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