"Work is an Intellectual Adrenaline": Directors of Schools and Institutions of SUSU

May 1, the spring and Labour day, is celebrated in many countries around the world. The first international workers ' solidarity day was celebrated in 1890. For a long time Pervomay was noted by demonstrations, slogans, appeals, posters and diagrams about achievements in this or that branch of a national economy, science, culture.

Today the holiday is celebrated in 142 countries around the world. In most countries, Labour day is a bright spring holiday, when folk festivals, performances, fairs and peaceful processions are organized. For each labor sphere, this holiday has its own importance, and the Directors of schools and institutions of SUSU shared their views on what constitutes work for them.

Alexander Klassen Institute of Law Director says that with the development of civil society, the importance, diversity and value of work are increasing.

"The demand for legal activities is growing every year: the number of appeals to the judicial authorities is increasing, the development of public relations contributes to the growth of needs for qualified legal assistance. Therefore, the legal direction will always be necessary and relevant in any state and society. Legal science plays a special role in the field of scientific research, as it is aimed not only at the study of historical processes in law, but also at the analysis of law enforcement and regulation of various social relations. The result is the improvement of the current legislation, the consolidation of democratic principles, improving the protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens”

Alevtina Keller, Director of the Institute of Natural Sciences, believes that the existence of mankind is easily impossible.

"Work is, first of all, creation of conditions for development and work of each teacher, employee, student of our Institute. These are small decisions, troubles, ideas, the totality of which is the everyday work that leads to positive changes. The work for the scientist is the most painstaking intellectual activity, which gives rise to new knowledge. It is "intellectual adrenaline", without which it is difficult to communicate with colleagues and students, without which it is impossible to exist."

Director of the Institute of Open and Distance Education Alexander Demin notes that the role of the teacher is to support and guide the development of the personality of students, their creative search. Relations with students are based on the principles of cooperation and joint creativity. According to Alexander Demin, this is a great work on tracking the personal way of implementing the personal potential of each student in education.

"The modern teacher of the University is now required to be not only an effective teacher, but also an effective researcher and Creator of competitive educational products, including in distance education. The teacher of distance learning should have all the Arsenal of user skills with the use of ICT, Internet technologies. But it is not enough to have the necessary knowledge and skills, you need more skills and the desire to organize on a scientific basis of their work and the work of students."

Director of the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities Elena Ponomareva says that work can turn into pleasure if a person loves his work.

"Work does not choose fields of activity. This person, choosing one or another sphere, should imagine how much labor will require him to be able to achieve a meaningful result. And only if you love your job, work turns into pleasure, and it does not happen much. That is why most of us have at least 24 hours of work per day and at least 7 days of work per week. In science, in teaching it is impossible to draw a demarcation line between work and rest. Almost for everyone "specially to have a rest" - much bigger work, than to work continuously. The great Russian poet Mayakovsky was absolutely accurate, saying that "you are harassing a single word for the sake of a thousand tons of verbal ore." And only those who work continuously are able to achieve much and the main thing – to convince by example and lead the others".

Director of the Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service Vadim Erlich believes that the work of the head should be an example for the team.

"The team in any case is equal to the head. Therefore, the management has a huge responsibility, because if the Manager wants his team to work well, sound and think hard, look great, then, first of all, he should be an example for employees. Working on yourself is a great work."


Director of the Institute of Architecture and Construction Dmitry Ulrich says that work is a multidimensional concept that combines both intellectual and physical work.

"Architects and builders are professions of labor. Constant and systematic work in practice is a guarantee of high qualification of a specialist. Architectural and construction scientific directions-applied, forming and providing space of activity of people, science. To organize the material environment of a person, in addition to obtaining scientific knowledge, it is necessary to attach them in a specific work activity – from the idea and image, through the project, to the real embodiment of the object".


Director of the schools and institutes of the University are constantly working for the benefit of the University and achieve outstanding results. Albert Einstein also said that outstanding personalities are formed not by means of beautiful speeches, but by their own work and its results.

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