SUSU Scientists Issued a Monograph in English

What one should do to become a top-level professional, enter the scientific society, be successful and respectable? Answer to this question has long since been known to employees of the SUSU Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service.

Nowadays the Institute combines the best scientific, educational and sport traditions of the university; employees and students are working on improving the smart T-shirt, develop amazing insoles and invent a recipe of a cocktail for champions.

An important moment in the Institute’s activity became issuing of another monograph in English entitled “Sport Training Individualization. State, Problems and Advanced Solutions”, authors of which are Aleksandr IsaevVadim ErlikhVladimir Rybakov (edited by Nomos publishers, Germany). 

This monograph describes the essence of the concept of sport training, new concepts and technologies; determines preliminary conditions and frameworks of an individual approach to training, and methods of integration of the principal methodological paradigms of the sport training system with the use of the adaptation theory.

Modernization and analysis of an organism’s potentials combined with specificities of efficient adaptation allow adjusting training loads and provide high sport performance, in particular thanks to artificially controlled training environment.

In this monograph, the use of modern methods of sport training for strength sports is considered.

For example, it describes advantages of focused use of exercises for development of local and regional muscle endurance, and provides recommendations for getting ready for important competitions.

The monograph describes specificities of short-term reaction and long-term adaptation of athletes to abovementioned methods and higher sport performance.

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