The Future Is Now: The Center of Computer Engineering Begins Development of Robotized Systems



Not too long ago, a world where all work was completed by robots existed only in the imaginations of science fiction writers and directors. Today, thanks to innovative technologies, the fantastical future is becoming a reality.

The SUSU Center of Computer Engineering is beginning development of high-precision, multi-functional, modular robotized complexes. The robotized complexes are designed for high-precision work (for cutting, welding, assembly, and painting of large fabrications for the transport building, petroleum, and chemical industry sectors).

Along with the leading Russian manufacturer of bulldozers and hydrostatic transmissions OOO DST-URAL, the Center of Computer Engineering won a contest for the right to receive a subsidiary for completing complex projects for the creation of high-tech manufacturing. The contest was organized by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science per government decree #218 from 09.04.2010. Thanks to this victory, the government will award the center 400 million rubles for the completion of their project.

Before 2019, CCE engineers will develop the design and technological documentations for high-precision, multi-functional, modular robotized complexes for the development and manufacture of large fabrications. Prototypes will be prepared and tested at the OOO DST-URAL factory.


What are robotized complexes needed for in manufacturing? They help:

  • Make manufacturing more mobile. Using standard modules, robotized complexes help quickly recalibrate before completing a new task, like increasing the dimensions of a fabrication or the quantity of simultaneously-processed fabrications;
  • Increase manufacturing output 7-fold and decrease the prime cost per unit;
  • Significantly improve the quality of large fabrications thanks to high-precision positioning;
  • Save up to 70% working space;
  • Improve work safety and conditions – robotized complexes remove the need for individuals for manufacture in dangerous and aggressive conditions.

The project is being realized within the Strategy for the Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation, confirmed by Presidential Degree #642 from December 1st, 2016 – Moving towards Innovative Digital, Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies, Robotized Systems, New Construction Materials and Methods, the Creation of Systems for Processing Large Quantities of Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

The university plans to actively attract students for the completion of this new project. For these students, this is an excellent chance to acquire the unique experience of working in high-tech manufacturing and begin their career at one of the leading companies of the region’s machine-building sector.


Yulia Rudneva
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Yulia Rudneva
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