Publication by SUSU Researchers’ Group on the Cover of Leading Scientific Journal


The laboratory of multi-scale modeling of multicomponent materials of the Nanotechnology SEC (ISSH), created as part of the SUSU 5-100 Program Road Map, works with problems of fundamental research in chemistry.

This year, the SUSU laboratory received a subsidy for completing the project component of a state assignment for researching the effect of the type of non-covalent interactions on the physical and chemical characteristics of materials. Working on this project, laboratory staff actively participates in international symposiums with English-language presentations and regularly publish materials in Web of Science journals.

"This is a huge honor for the SUSU staff research group. We have a high standard, and at today’s stage our task is creative and technical growth. First of all this means giving young chemical theorists a taste for serious research work – after all, we have students working among us. For example, for the first time, ET-451 student Kristina Kropotina became the coauthor of the publication mentioned previously. Kseniya Matveeva and Kseniya Hnykina are getting ready to publish the results of their research that they completed in our laboratory. Secondly, this means a breakthrough to the current world-level of research work by our accomplished scientists – candidate of chemical sciences Yuri Vasilevich Matveychuk; Irina Dmitrievna Yushina, who recently defended her candidate dissertation; post-graduate student Svetlana Eduardovna Mukhitdinova, preparing for defense of her work,”  - commented head of the laboratory of multiscale modeling of multicomponent materials, doctor of chemical sciences Yekaterina Bartashevich.

In addition, an article about the electronic characteristics of the halogen bonds of iodine in crystals was published in the first-quartile journal Acta Crystallographica Section B: Structural Science, Crystal Engineering and Materials. A graphical abstract of the journal was chosen by the journal’s editing committee and placed on the cover.

“All of the necessary circumstances for scientific research are being created at SUSU. I believe that if the vector of personal efforts by young researchers working on the most difficult intellectual activity – scientific research, matches the vector of serious technical support, we can achieve a serious breakthrough,” concluded Yekaterina Vladimirovna.

Юлия Руднева
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