Future Engine Constructors Visited Ural Diesel Motor Plant

Within the frameworks of the Heart of the Urals Advanced Engineering School of Engine Construction and Special-purpose Machinery students of the SUSU Department of Combustion Engines went on an introductory excursion to OOO Ural Diesel Motor Plant (Yekaterinburg) – one of the leading manufacturers of high-technology engines in Russia.

During the excursion, SUSU students visited the teaching class, where the enterprise employees get their training, as well as the engineering centre and the component-production and assembly workshops, where diesel engines of ДМ-21 and ДМ-185 series are manufactured. Students learned about the plant’s history and major projects.

“It was interesting to see the production and the complete production cycle. The plant’s scale is truly impressive. Such excursions give a chance to learn about modern industrial technologies and equipment. Communication with the plant’s engineers and top managers helps understand the real requirements, which we will face during our work,” shared his impressions Dmitrii Borovskikh, student of group П-307.

This excursion allowed the future specialists in the field of engine construction learn more about the real production, modern technologies of engine designing and testing, as well as assess the prospects of employment at the industry’s leading enterprise. Specialists of the human resources directorate shared on the career opportunities and the social package for employees, including relevant salary.

“Visits to such enterprises is very helpful for our students. They can see how the whole production process is organized. This gives them a chance to better understand how modern machine-building enterprises operate. It is especially important to witness each stage: from designing of engine parts to their manufacture, processing and assembly. And, of course, to see the testing of the manufactured parts before these are handed over to consumers or undergo further research and upgrade. Such excursions help students choose their future specialization,” noted Igor Lysov, lecturer of the SUSU Department of Combustion Engines.

The Ural Diesel Motor Plant is one of the industrial partners of the Heart of the Urals Advanced Engineering School. This is a Russian mechanical engineering enterprise, which manufactures diesel engines and diesel generators for locomotives, ships, dump trucks, and small-scale power generation sector. The plant independently designs and creates engines of the new generation.

The Advanced Engineering Schools federal project is being implemented under the state program of the Russian Federation on the Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation.

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