Why a Chinese Student Chose SUSU to Get Education

South Ural State University is the most famous university in South Ural and no wonder international students choose it to get their education. As it is located at the border of Europe and Asia the university attracts many students from China. Nowadays more than 400 Chinese students are successfully studying at SUSU. They usually choose International Relations, Philology, Linguistics, Economics, Mechatronics and Robotics, Power Engineering.

Wang Jiao, a SUSU student from China, studies at the Institute of Architecture and Construction and she agrees to answer some questions.

- Why did you decide to come to Russia?

- I am very interested in the people, culture and history of different countries, and I like to travel. When I started to look for information about a university where to study I got interested in Russia and its culture.  

- What influenced your  choice of university?

- The first thing, of course, is my interest in the profession. And I believe that my scientific and professional prospects after getting an education at SUSU are very good.

- How did your parents react when they learnt you were going to study in another country?

- Frankly speaking, my family was quite worried. They were afraid to let me go to another country. But they understood that getting a good education is one of the most important things in life and they agreed.

- What do you like most about the university?

- The teachers - they are great, I go to all the lectures and listen attentively. They explain everything clearly and are always ready to help even with the problems that don’t concern studying. The teachers took us to the cinema and to some excursion to help us, international students, acclimate to Chelyabinsk.

- What is your future profession?

- I am going to be a civil engineer. Since I was a kid I was keen on architecture and now I am sure that Construction Industry, Building Theory, Engineering Measurements, Concrete Compression and Bending are the most interesting subjects in the world.

- Is it possible to find friends if you study in another country?

- Of  course. I found some good friends from Russia and other countries. SUSU Association of International Students and Alumni create comfortable conditions for students at the University, and in dormitories, organize different events and holidays for students to help us feel at home. It is great to know that you won’t be left alone.

- Do you like Russian climate?

- I like the weather in Russia very much, but the winter is a bit too long. In winter, despite the temperature, my friends and I do some indoor activities - skateboarding or skiing. This is a good choice to spend the time.

- TOP-5 things you are going to do in Russia.

- I hope to visit Murmansk to see the whales and the northern lights, visit Saint Petersburg, learn to ski, travel around Russia by car, learn Russian language and get a diploma with honors.

- What can you say to young people who are choosing a university now?

- Be very careful when you choose your profession. Your interest in something should be the first thing. Believe in yourself, and then study seriously



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