SUSU Priority on Opportunity: Five Reasons Not to Be Upset if You Did Not Receive a State Scholarship

Affordable contract for applicants and students of South Ural State University.

It is every applicant's dream to enrol with a state scholarship. In just a few days, universities will issue their scholarship lists, and it will become clear who will enrol with scholarship and who will need to consider paid studies. In this article, we will tell you how a contract can be an additional incentive for students to study better and what assistance South Ural State University offers to students on contract.

1. Keep an eye on your grades and obtain a scholarship

SUSU is always flexible with students: if there is a vacant scholarship in a program, contract students have the opportunity to move to a scholarship-based form of study. Successful students with "good" and "excellent" grades and with achievements in scientific, cultural, sports or social activities can apply.

2. Take advantage of the tuition discount

Beginning this year, SUSU has a unique offer for applicants who enrol on a contract. Those enrolling in a Bachelor's or Specialist degree program on a full-time or part-time basis can get a tuition discount from 3% to 30%.

The amount will depend on the number of points scored in Unified State Examination (USE) and the timeliness of payment.

  • 30% discount for applicants with 240 or higher scores;
  • 20% discount for applicants with a score of 200 to 239;
  • 15% discount for applicants with a score of 170 to 199.

For applicants entering fields with additional creative or professional examinations (architecture, architectural design, technology of artistic processing of materials, journalism, education, philology, physical culture, design, customs), discounts will be distributed as follows:

  • 30% — more than 160 points;
  • 20% —133 to 159 points;
  • 15% —113 to 132 points;
  • 3% — all students who made a payment in the previous academic year.

If certain conditions are met, students can maintain this discount until they graduate. To qualify for the 2nd year discount, students must complete the winter and summer sessions with good or excellent grades. For 3rd and subsequent courses, students must complete their sessions with excellent grades only. There must be no disciplinary action taken against the student, and payment must be made on time.

In addition, there is a flexible system of tuition for contract students:

  • Per-month and per-semester payment;
  • Maternity capital can be used;
  • Students can obtain an academic loan supported by the state.


3. Get a scholarship

The personal scholarship for demonstrated knowledge is 10,000 roubles per month. 

Both scholarship and contract students can earn a scholarship of 10,000 roubles per month during their first semester. This scholarship is offered to students with high USE scores, winners and runners-up of Olympiads who enrol without examinations, and winners of the Zvezda (Star) Multidisciplinary Engineering Olympiad who enter through the general procedure.

The number of points required to receive a SUSU scholarship:

  • 240 points for applicants to the Engineering, Technology and Technical Sciences program;
  • 250 points for applicants enrolling in a Social Sciences, Education and Pedagogical Sciences, Humanities, or Arts and Culture program;
  • 340 points for applicants enrolling in a Fine and Applied Arts program;
  • 420 points for applicants enrolling in the Architecture program.

Different points are required for each program because the minimum scholarship points are higher for a number of majors requiring additional creative tests.

Rector's Scholarship for Contract Students.

At the end of May 2022, SUSU also established a Rector's scholarship for contract students. There are many smart and talented contract students who will be rewarded for their success. Students who have successfully completed the last 2 sessions with good and excellent grades can expect to be paid 10,000 roubles. The assessment is based on a points system.

4. Take advantage of the bonus program

First-year contract and scholarship students can receive a lump sum payment in the amount of 5,000 roubles on a competitive basis.

Winners and runners-up of SUSU events for 10th-11th form students and those with a certificate from the SUSU School of Physics and mathematics can apply.

The one-time payout can be spent on a trip to Olympus camp, the SUSU swimming pool or gym, and meals at the university cafeterias.

5. Participate in special contests

A 3,000-rouble bonus will be added to the stipend of first-year scholarship or contract students in the humanities and creative fields for their successful participation in the Making the World a Better Place program. High scores and results of significant competitions are required to receive this bonus.

Students with USE scores of 215 to 249 and winners of the Star IEO in: Russian language, social studies, history, law, psychology, translation and translation studies, international relations (10th-11th form) and winners and runners-up of competitive contests registered with the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation can participate.

Where can you find out what options are available to you?

If you are an applicant, contact the Admissions Committee to find out if you are eligible for financial support and how to apply. If you are already a SUSU student, you can get all the information from the Dean's Office.

All relevant information for applicants can be found on the website:
Applicant Centre: (351) 267–91–47.
Admissions Committee: 8 800 300–00–55 (free calls within the Ural Federal District).
Admissions Committee hours:
Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 15:00
Saturday 10:00 to 13:00
Sunday – Closed
Address: University building No. 2, 85 Lenin Prospekt
Email for general questions: prkom[at]susu[dot]ru.


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