Educational Networking: How Studying Abroad Changes Lives

Studying in other countries often opens up new opportunities: it becomes the next step in one’s career, helps one make useful acquaintances, learn about another culture, and gain necessary experience and knowledge.

The goals may be different, but the most important thing remains the same: to realize what you want to achieve and to learn from experienced professionals and practitioners. Young people from India have explained how studying in a foreign country as well as university mentors help develop their professional skills and achieve goals.

Start and Scale Business

Vivek Tkheiyatkhan has been traveling around the world for 10 years. He is now studying at South Ural State University (Chelyabinsk, Russia), majoring in International Economics and Trade. He came to Russia to study the market and consumer culture.

“I am actively studying entrepreneurship and thinking about how to combine IT and economics. I am interested in studying modern processes and observing the chain reaction in today's world: how events in one part of the planet cause significant changes and perhaps even affect all inhabitants of the Earth,” Vivek Tkheiyatkhan, a student at South Ural State University (SUSU), said.

When choosing a country and university to study at, he was guided by his preferences. The student plans to start his own business and scale it to an international level. According to Vivek, he has already decided on the field of business, but he is not ready to reveal the details yet. Year after year, he is getting closer to his goal.

“The main thing I learned at SUSU was about the behavior of customers and the market in Russia. Some of my professors help me in my endeavors. Their knowledge and experience guide me and help me find answers,” Vivek said.

Teach and Become an Expert

Upasak Bose received a solid education in India with a degree in financial accounting and an MBA in finance and marketing. The young man has already managed to work as a business analyst in a leading Indian IT-company. He is currently completing his postgraduate studies at SUSU and at the same time working at his university.

“My diverse background, education, and experience help me tremendously in my work. I now work in my department as a research supervisor and assistant professor. I help teach bachelors and masters in English, and I teach marketing, finance, economics, cultural studies, and other subjects. In the future I plan to become an expert in the social and economic aspects of the Arctic Zone of Russia,” said Upasak.

The graduate student's research interests are related to his future dissertation. Every year he attends several conferences, delivers speeches and publishes scientific articles on the economy and creative industries of the North of Russia. His university colleagues support him in his endeavors.

“Professors and lecturers provide a steady foothold throughout my life in Russia. They are very motivating and helpful in my work in the department and in preparing for conferences,” Upasak Bose said.

According to him, having come to another country, he has not only acquired new acquaintances and knowledge, but also changed himself.

“New acquaintances, ideas, and the worldview of those around me have made a huge difference in my life and made it much easier for me to fully integrate into Russian culture and society. I feel like I have become more serious, sincere, and goal-oriented,” Upasak noted.

Vivek took a program that is being taught in English, while Upasak has been studying in Russian. At SUSU, there is a choice for every student.


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