SUSU Student Uses Plastic Waste to Create Wire for 3D Printing

A master's student at South Ural State University found a way to process plastic waste into wire for 3D printing. This technology will significantly reduce the cost of production and make 3D printing more affordable.

Additive technologies are technologies of layer-by-layer building up of objects. 3D printing is a form of additive manufacturing and allows you to create various products - from medical prostheses to souvenirs and toys. 3D printers work due to a movable print head with a heating element. Plastic is fed into it in the form of a rod, which melts and squeezes it out in liquid form onto the printing table. The plastic is cooled by a fan and instantly hardens, and the device squeezes a new layer over the hardened one.

A first-year master's student in the scientific area of technological machines and equipment Sergei Zaramenskikh creates a new technology for the production of wire for a 3D printer. This technology will reduce the amount of plastic waste. This technology will significantly reduce the cost of printing for the end-user. The project manager is Oleg Siverin, senior lecturer of the Department of Processes and Machines for Metal Forming by Pressure.

 “At the moment, we have researched the strength characteristics of various types of plastics, the model of crushing equipment has been designed and calculated, and a model corresponding to the technology has been made. Also, we manufactured the equipment for plastic defragmentation. We hope to create a ready-made technological line, which will be in demand at processing enterprises and among small enterprises. This unit will differ from its analogs in compactness. Also, the result of the project is a wire for 3D printing made from waste,” Sergey says.

In the process of work, it turned out that there is little publicly available information on the study of the properties of polymers of various types, and they decided to carry out their own set of tests, based on which the parameters of the technological process will be developed.

South Ural State University (SUSU) is a university of digital transformations, where innovative research in most of the priority areas of development of science and technology is carried out. Following the strategy of scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation, the university focuses on the development of large scientific interdisciplinary projects in the field of the digital industry, materials science, and ecology. In the Year of Science and Technology, SUSU takes part in the competition under the Priority-2030 program. The university performs the functions of a regional project office of the Ural interregional world-class scientific and educational center.


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