SUSU Young Scientist Defended His Thesis on the “Man of the Future in the Context of Innovative Strategies”

Artur Dydrov, Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy of the Institute of Media, Social Sciences and Humanities, South Ural State University, successfully defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy). The procedure took place at the Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture.

The topic of the thesis was the “Man of the Future in the Context of Innovative Strategies”. Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy), Professor Vera Neveleva acted as a scientific supervisor.

In his research, Artur Dydrov developed the concept of the anthropology of innovation and presented it in two aspects: as a humanitarian-anthropological setting of thinking and action, and as a type of humanitarian knowledge. In this work, it is substantiated that the anthropology of innovations can act as an anthropological platform for education - an alternative innovation strategy, which is significant in the situation of intensification of the reproduction of innovations and the development of “hi-hume” technologies.

It is considered that even with the variety of recipes for the future, a person can make an independent and responsible choice of his/her own future, overcoming both consumer orientation and fatalistic sentiments.

Education, as a strategy focused on the reproduction of human integrity and collecting humanitarian meanings, creates conditions for independent decision-making and the formation of a responsible attitude of a person to his/her own thoughts and actions. It equips a person with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to achieve a reasonable balance between the values of change and preservation, which in the modern situation can be expressed as a balance between projective activity and understanding the possible consequences of this activity, efforts aimed at transforming the existing conditions of human existence, and understanding why these efforts are being made. Innovation requires a rational, thorough, critical approach, free from both unconditional acceptance and obscurantism.

“Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy and Senior Researcher of the Research and Education Centre for Practical and Applied Philosophy Artur Dydrov conducts serious scientific work within the frameworks of research projects of the department and has achieved serious results, which he has consolidated in his thesis, as well as in publications on the topic of the research. He has 39 publications, including 4 articles in journals indexed in Scopus and WoS, and 22 articles in journals included in the register of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles,” said Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy, Candidate of Sciences (Philosophy), Associate Professor Regina Penner.

You can find the author's abstract or the full text of the thesis on the web-site of the Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture:

Artur Dydrov is not only a successful young scientist, but also the developer of the SortingBoardGame board game, in which he comes up with an original way to make an ecological theme to be understood by people of all ages. The game project received grant support from the Mechel company.

The staff of the Department of Philosophy and the SUSU Institute of Media, Social Sciences and Humanities congratulates Artur Dydrov on his great personal achievement and wishes him new creative successes in his research and pedagogical activities!

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