The Device Imitating Sun Microwave Radiation Will Help to Cure Diseases

SUSU scientists propose to use new technologies for infectious diseases treatment. They have patented a device that increases the body resistance to viruses and bacteria. The main goal is to restore body functions weakened due to the electromagnetic pollution of the planet.

The scientists from South Ural State University patented a device accelerating the cure of the viral disease. The device simulates microwave radiation from the sun, which is evolutionarily significant for living beings.

Stanislav Darovskikh, Dr. Sc. at School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science supervised the work on the hardware complex. The device will become a new nature-like technology for the prevention and treatment of widespread human diseases.

In the modern world, the effectiveness of infectious disease treatment is decreasing due to the growth of electromagnetic pollution of the environment. It has merely suppressed the evolutionarily significant control role for the use of natural resources, which ensures the use of microwave radiation from the sun reaching the Earth's surface, - Stanislav Darovskikh said.

In the picture: the device for reducing the resistance properties of microorganisms

Recent studies have indeed demonstrated the resistance of inflammatory microorganisms to antibiotics. It may be the electromagnetic pollution of the environment that is the cause of such changes. Radiation affects the cells of living organisms, slows down tissue regeneration, and promotes mutations.

To help the weakened by electromagnetic radiation human body fight infections, technologies are needed to form antibodies and reduce viruses and bacteria drug resistance. The device for reducing the resistant properties of microorganisms restores the natural mechanisms of regulation. It simulates solar microwave radiation in the frequency range 4.0 - 4.3 GHz with an intensity not exceeding 100 μW / cm2

The corrective action when using the device is based on the process of converting the electromagnetic energy absorbed by the body into the energy of elastic vibrations, or the so-called radio-vibration effect. With the help of induced vibrations in cells, the weak bonds of enzymes with their non-functional inhibitors will be broken, thereby increasing the efficiency of the synthesis of structures for the antiviral defense of the body.

A new approach to the treatment of inflammatory and viral diseases in humans, based on the use of hardware and software tools for modeling evolutionarily significant microwave radiation from the sun, will significantly increase its effectiveness. Microbiological, biological, and clinical studies of the new technology, carried out based on medical institutions of the country, prove its validity and the need for widespread introduction into medical practice, - Stanislav Darovskikh continued.

The scientists and engineers of SUSU worked in collaboration with some researchers from South Ural State Medical University (SUSMU) and St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University (LETI).

The device received a patent certificate No. 2733579 C1.

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Daria Tsymbalyuk, photo:, an archive of S.N.Darovskikh
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