Zlata Almetova: "Believing in the Power of Progress and Science Is What Motivates Me to Work"

More than 400 members of the teaching staff work at the Institute of Engineering and Technology of South Ural State University. They conduct academic, methodical, and research work, supervise graduation projects, and prepare postgraduates for the defence of their theses. Each of them has their own path – from school to a career as a successful teacher. Zlata Almetova, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Automotive Engineering, who became the best teacher of the faculty in the past academic year, told how she had achieved success in research and teaching.

– For how many years have you been connected with the university?

I have had a fairly long-term cooperation with SUSU, about 35 years. I am an alumnus of the Faculty of Automotive Engineering. In 1990, I graduated with honours from the Department of Automobile Transport Operation. I began my career at the department as an engineer. And in 1998, I was hired as a senior lecturer.

– What can you say about the today's SUSU?

Today, SUSU is primarily its students, of various nationalities and different interests, but always striving to acquire new knowledge. They are all united by kindness, respect, and sensitivity. Students enter the university, study, and some of them decide to pursue Master's degrees, and then enter postgraduate programmes, proceed to higher academic degrees. And in 10 years, a freshman becomes a candidate of sciences right before your eyes. Isn't that wonderful?

– Could you please tell us more about your achievements?

After graduating from SUSU, I received my second education at the Moscow Academy of Law and Management with a degree in State and Municipal Management. I completed my postgraduate studies ahead of schedule, defended my thesis at Moscow Automobile Construction State Technical University (MADI) in 2014, and was promoted to Associate Professor. Today I work as Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Automotive Engineering. My field of expertise is transport systems.

– Who do you consider your mentor in life and work?

I was very lucky, there were always a lot of professional mentors and teachers around me. First of all, I am grateful to my mother Liubov Glukhikh for my path in science and pedagogical activity. She was the first Head of the department, which at that time was called the Department of Automobile Transport Operation. My mother supported me in writing my doctoral dissertation. I consider my scientific advisor Oleg Larin to be my mentor. He taught me to be competent and responsible to work. I am grateful to the Dean of our faculty, the Head of the Department of Automotive Engineering Yurij Rozhdestvenskiy, who entrusted me with the work as Deputy Dean.

– What personal qualities help you reach new heights?

Qualities? I think, believing in the power of progress and science is what motivates me to work.

– Who supports you in your endeavours?

Teachers at all departments always support each other. Moreover, teamwork is now highly valued. Therefore, my support is my dear colleagues from SUSU, as well as from other universities. Also, our students support and constantly make me move forward.

– What should one do to achieve great success in life?

You should not stiffen. The world produces more information than humans and humankind can absorb. This means that we are always behind the curve, so there is no time to rest on oars.


On December 28, 2020, Zlata Almetova was awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for significant achievements in education and conscientious work.

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