Modern Technologies for Comfortable Studying: SUSU Opens a Multifunctional Classroom

A new multifunctional classroom, a joint project of the Institute of Architecture and Construction and the KNAUF Academy (a partner of our university), has been opened in the SUSU laboratory building. The representatives of the company, academic staff and students have already checked the new modern classroom.

The classroom was renovated, using the most advanced building materials, produced by KNAUF. Thanks to special acoustic ceilings, there is absolutely no echo effect in the classroom, so a teacher's speech can be perfectly heard even in the farthest rows. The walls are lined with special fire-resistant slabs that do not catch fire even at very high temperatures.

Аleksei Turygin, Director of the Ural Marketing Directorate of KNAUF:

“Ever since having entered the Russian market, the company has been supporting social projects. When supporting educational institutions, we see the prospects of the development of our country, in particular, in the construction sphere. When renovating the classroom, we applied the state-of-the-art technologies, that we are in command of, and that would allow students to study comfortably. Since a lot of people will be gathering in the classroom, safety, which is one of our priorities, is very important. Such technologies are put into use in the new airport, buildings under construction, optical centres, and other facilities.”

The scale models of finishing and various building structures, such as suspended ceiling, dry floor, insulated walls, are on display on the walls of the classroom. Also, the classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, allowing the academics to demonstrate computer models to students and, if necessary, amend and correct them with the help of a special stylus.

Dmitrii Ulrikh, Director of the SUSU Institute of Architecture and Construction, spoke on who will be studying in the new classroom:

“This is a long-awaited classroom. The fulfilment of this project was necessary for the sake of our students, because already from their freshmen years, they have to understand their profession and, of course, to create such projects and put them into life.” The Building Materials discipline is taught in all specialities and fields of training that are offered by the institute.”

The idea to renovate the classroom appeared in 2017. It was back then when the Institute of Architecture and Construction announced a contest for the best design of a new premise among students. A number of unique and interesting works were submitted, but according to the results of the voting, in which the students of the institute took part, the project by Sergei Valter was chosen.

Both representatives of the KNAUF company and students of the Institute of Architecture and Construction, who learnt about the advanced building materials and technologies of working with them in practice, took part in the renovation works.

Nikita Kovalev, 1st-year Master’s degree student of the Department of Building Materials and Products of the SUSU Institute of Architecture and Construction:

“It all started at the KNAUF conference, where we presented our projects, after which we were offered to work on the reconstruction of the classroom of our department as a practical training. Six students spent the whole summer here, studying materials, repairing and learning how to apply new technologies.”

Very soon, the students of the Institute of Architecture and Construction will be training in the new KNAUF classroom. And it is not the last project of SUSU and KNAUF:

“The SUSU Institute of Architecture and Construction has long been successfully collaborating with the KNAUF company. The results of the collaboration are not only students, who apply to work at the enterprise, but also the state-of-the-art laboratory for building materials, that we are opening today. It provides wonderful conditions for our students. Moreover, we are jointly working in the field of project-based learning with SUSU students: together with the specialists of the company, we conduct Master’s degree educational programmes for students, who are working on projects and examining building materials and technologies,” said Andrey Radionov, SUSU Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs.

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Evgeniy Zagoskin, Marina Koviazina, Natalia Brylina; photo by Danil Rakhimov
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