Our Graduates of the Project-based Learning Group in the Field of Biotechnology

In 2020, the very first group of the project-based learning in the field of Biotechnology have graduated. Over the two years of studying, the international team of students have been engaged in solving global problems.

Today, the graduates of the Department of Food and Biotechnology, as authors of multiple scientific publications and successful and prominent scientists, who have obtained diplomas with honours, share their emotions on the educational process, their plans for the future and give some pieces of advice for the applicants.

Artem Malinin, Russia

– I have always been interested in such direction in science as biotechnology, and the synthesis of biologically active substances. This is the profession of the future, and it is rapidly developing rapidly.

When I was studying in my Master’s degree programme, I took an active part in scientific events of the department and the university, such as conferences, contests, exhibitions, both all-Russian and international. Over the years of studying, jointly with my academic advisor Doctor of Sciences (Engineering), Professor, Head of the Department of Food and Biotechnology Irina Potoroko, we have published 12 scientific articles and registered two patents for invention.

My graduation qualification work was dedicated to the development of biodegradable materials using the composition of plant polysaccharides. Currently, this is a burning topic due to the constant increase in the manufacture of environment-polluting polymer products. The issue of their disposal is becoming extremely important. When I was writing my research work, I acquired both theoretical and practical skills.

Upon obtaining my Master’s degree I am planning to continue my studies in a Postgraduate programme in the same field. The Department of Food and Biotechnology helped me to decide on the future professional activity and determine the future plans in this field.

What I want to advise the today’s applicants: engage in scientific development, this is a step into the future!

Fidele Benimana, Rwanda

– I decided to study in a Master’s degree programme because I felt the need to broaden my knowledge in the field of biotechnology. I chose SUSU according to the Russian universities rankings and the university's positive reputation.

Thanks to the highly-qualified and creative academic staff of the Department of Food and Biotechnology, the Master’s students have a chance to achieve exceptional heights in scientific activity. For my part, in addition to participating in conferences and publishing scientific articles, I have acquired versatile professional competencies thanks to my academic advisor Irina Potoroko.

My graduation qualification work aimed at developing a food biofilm technology based on an organic protein-lipid complex. The urgency of the issue is associated with an increase in the production of petroleum-products-based packaging materials and the environmental threat resulting from it.

Kadi Ammar Mohammad Yahya, Syria

– I heard a lot of good things about Chelyabinsk and SUSU from my friends. Here I managed to continue my studies in the Master’s degree programme according to my speciality.

My achievements during the period of study: I obtained a certificate of pre-university courses, passed the exam with an “excellent” mark, became a co-author of a dictionary on Biology for International Students, and participated in the department and university conferences.

My life motto is: “The mind is enriched by what it receives, and the heart is enriched by what it gives”.

The topic of my graduation qualification work is Improving the Technology of National Brined Cheese Enriched with Cinnamon Oil Using Ultrasonic Exposure. Cheese is quite popular in different regions of Russia, and we decided to contribute to the improvement of the technology of this product. Writing a scientific work in Russian was challenging to me: I searched for data in sources, trained my confidence in speaking, set up equipment in the laboratory.

I would advise applicants to choose the speciality in which they see themselves in the future. A successful road is difficult, but it gives us a lot of knowledge and experience, as well as confidence in our abilities. And nothing is impossible.

Aram Tsaturov, Armenia

The most interesting moments during the period of training at the Department of Food and Biotechnology were studying and elaborating on the lecture material and applying the knowledge in practice. At laboratory classes, we were engaged in the study of biotechnological processes, the development of enriched food products. I really enjoy the process of learning, especially I like to do science in the laboratory, conduct research and process the obtained data. The main specific feature of studying at the department is the acquisition of a large amount of knowledge, experience, and the opportunity to prove oneself in scientific activity.

My graduation qualification work dedicated to producing composite materials from plant polysaccharides using ultrasonic technology. In the context of the accumulation of petroleum products and the difficulties of processing them, scientists around the world are looking for a solution to this global problem. Obtaining composite films from plant biopolymers and their usage as packaging materials for providing products with new properties is an urgent problem.

I would advise applicants to engage in scientific activity, participate in various events, and form and develop professional competencies. You have a bright, event-packed student life ahead. Move forward, achieve your goals, and accumulate the maximum amount of knowledge, vivid impressions and new acquaintances!

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