To Chelyabinsk for Studying Russian: Interview with a Student from Sri Lanka

South Ural State University is one of the leading Russian multidisciplinary universities with the fundamental scientific basis and high standards of specialist training. The university is multinational and nowadays is a home for more than 2,300 international students from 56 countries.

Sanjana Probod came from Sri Lanka two years ago to study Russian language at SUSU Russian Language Course. He agrees to answer our questions about living in another country and shares his impressions about South Ural State University.

— Why do you like Russia, Chelyabinsk and SUSU?

— I really love Russian cold winter. Here I saw snow for the first time in my life! The most part of my education I spend at Sigma (learning and leisure complex of SUSU). This is the best place - I like home atmosphere that is created by every professor and staff member of the university. For us, students living and studying in another country, it is the most important thing.       

— What do you remember most about your study? What subjects are your favourite ones?

— My best memories are connected with the professors teaching us Russian language. They are Yulia Kazakova and Elena Sholokhova. Our classes were not just studying; they were like a real family.

— How do you plan to use your education in future?

— I decided to study the Russian language because in Sri Lanka there are lots of opportunities for people knowing foreign languages. When I come back home, I will work as a guide.

— What was your greatest challenge about living in Russia?

— If you are self-confident and calm, you can do anything. The main thing is to respect other people. I am such a person, that’s why for me “challenge” is just a word.

 — What was your first impression about South Ural State University?

— Frankly speaking I am not a man who believes his first impressions. But all the students I saw near the main building of the university were smiling. This was the fact I decided that my learning experience here would be excellent. 

— Did you get any help from your compatriots having arrived to Chelyabinsk earlier than you?

— Yes, of course. Uvindu Wijeweera, the president of the Association of International Students(AIS), is also from Sri-Lanka. He helped me a lot in my process of adaptation. I think this is great when you get help from a person from another country. It means that he got through all the issues and you will do it. Here at SUSU an international student won’t have any language problem, it is really cool!

Thanks to AIS I found lots of friends in Chelyabinsk and around the world. I am happy to play music, my friends and I organise a band and take part in many festivals and contests. Music helps me to study as it is an excellent way to get relaxed after a hard day at the university.

— Do you take part in students’ life (volunteer center, School of young leaders, sport clubs, dance clubs, choir)?

— Of course, student life should be fun. I am a volunteer and a photographer in AIS, a participant of the Speaking Club in Center for Sociocultural Adaptation, and also I sing in SUSU choir.

— Why do many universities try to attract international students for studying?

— To my mind it means much for university ranking and for developing international relations. 

— Do you keep in touch with your compatriots who got SUSU degree? Where do they work?

— Some of them work in the Embassies of our countries, some of them stay in Russia and build their careers in different companies.

— What would you wish your compatriots who are choosing a university now?

— I wish them to find their path in life and be satisfied with what they do. And most of all I wish them not to learn what distance learning is.


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