Student from Yemen Wants to Build a 9-Storey Building

One of the leaders of Russian higher education – South Ural State University (SUSU) – is located at the border of Europe and Asia, in Chelyabinsk. The university is focused on development of large, interdisciplinary projects in the fields of digital industry and artificial intelligence, and carries out research works in the following spheres: Sensors for Industrial Objects; Digital Twins; Energy Conservation; Methods and Means of Information Security; Materials Science; and Ecology.

Today, more than 2300 students from 56 countries are studying at SUSU. At that, the number of applicants who come to enroll in our university from the Middle East (Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Sudan) is growing year by year.

The most interesting and in-demand spheres of study for Arab students at SUSU are: Architecture, Construction, Computer Science and Computer Engineering, Philology, and Mechatronics and Robotics.

Why do Arab students enroll at SUSU? How do they adapt to Russia? What prospects does education in Russia give them? A SUSU student from Yemen, Al-Zabidi Osama told us about this.

Osama, why did you choose to come to Russia for getting your higher education? What made you choosing SUSU?

– I am studying at the SUSU Institute of Architecture and Construction to become an architect. My friend who lives in Moscow recommended that I study in Russia. He told me about the possibility of studying at SUSU and about the assistance being provided here. I got in touch with the university staff, and they told me about the order of admissions. I prepared all the necessary documents and came to Chelyabinsk.

How did you manage to successfully pass your exams and enroll at our university?

I studied hard for my entrance exams. The Russian Language course is available for everybody, but if you want to study in a Bachelor’s or Master’s programme, you have to be prepared for special exams, for example, subjects on engineering in your chosen field of study. I was not really scared of this – all of the international students think first about their Russian language skills. In the beginning, it was difficult for me to understand spoken Russian. Of course, with time, this difficulty subsided. Now I can speak fluently and talk to anyone.

What were your first impressions of SUSU?

– The first impression that I had was of the main building of SUSU. It is very similar to the building of the most well-known university in Russia – Moscow State University. As a future architect, this was very interesting to me. Now I know that the SUSU main building, with a height of 86 meters, is one of the top 10 most striking and recognizable buildings in Chelyabinsk.

Did you get any help from your compatriots who came to SUSU earlier than you?

– Yes, students from my country really helped me. When I arrived here, I didn’t know anyone or anything – I couldn’t even say a word in Russian. And they explained a lot to me, showed me around Chelyabinsk. They even helped me in my studies. I’m very thankful. And now, it is my turn to help new Arab students. Generally, we have a strong system for supporting one another thanks to the university’s Association of International Students and the Sociocultural Adaptation Centre.

Where did you study before SUSU, and how well did your previous education meet the requirements of Russian universities?

– I think it met the requirements. I completed 12 grades of a general education school in the capital of Yemen, Sana’a, then I enrolled here. I didn’t feel any big gaps in my knowledge.

SUSU has student councils, a volunteer center, a Young Leader School, a Recreation Centre, Sports clubs, and much more. Do you participate in these aspects of student life?

– I participate in the event which is favorite for every Arab student, the Arab Culture Day. I performed on SUSU’s main stage two times; I put on national Arab clothing and sung an Arabic song. And it was really cool!

What prospects does a SUSU degree give you in your country?

– Every country needs well-trained specialists. In my country, there are large companies that gladly accept specialists with a Russian education for work placement. There are special places for employment of specialists who know Russian language. I think that Russia and the Arab world countries have a great potential for joint economic development.

What will your graduation project be like?

– I haven’t chosen my final project yet but my plans include an architectural project for a 9-storey building with 54 apartments. I hope that I will be able to elaborate this idea. Moreover, my teachers are always ready to provide consultations regarding all academic issues.

Are you planning on using modern technologies in your architectural projects?

– Yes, I am planning on using these technologies, because the society is developing and you have to keep up with the times. Modern buildings must use energy-efficient technologies – solar panels, sound isolation systems, fire protection, and more. I am sure that I will use them in my future projects.

What are your plans for after graduation?

– I hope to get employed in my specialty, find a good job position as an architect. This is why I am trying to develop my professional skills and improve my Russian. I also started learning the international language – English – at SUSU. I am sure that the knowledge I acquire at the university will help me in the future.

What would you like to wish for your countrymen, future applicants who are planning on getting their education in Russia?

– My advice to those who are coming to study in Russia is to make a conscious choice of a university and degree program. And, of course, I will suggest SUSU. This is an excellent option for getting a good, high-quality higher education.

Let us remind that foreign citizens who want to get a prestigious degree at SUSU can learn all the details regarding the procedure of admissions via the portal for university applicants by clicking the link. If any questions, please also send an email to applicant[at]susu[dot]ru. (International Student Support at the SUSU International Office).

Olga Romanovskaia, Oksana Kuvakina; photo by: Viktoria Matveychuk
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