Head of Department of Financial Technology Igor Baev Celebrates Anniversary

Doctor of Sciences (Economics), Professor, Head of the Department of Financial Technology of the SUSU School of Economics and Management, and a Chairman of the Dissertation Council, Specialty 08.00.05 “Economics and Management of the National Economy” Igor Baev celebrates his 80th birthday anniversary today.

Igor Baev has trained 47 Candidates of Sciences (Economics) and 9 Doctors of Sciences (Economics). He is the author of more than 250 scientific papers, he was awarded the medal of the Order of Merit for the Motherland of the 2nd degree, the merit badge "For Merit to the Chelyabinsk Region". Igor Baev was awarded with the honorary title “Honorary Mechanical Engineer” by the Ministry for Industry and Trade, and he is an Honoured Worker of Higher School of the Russian Federation.

Over many years of experience, most of the statements by Igor Baev have become the motto for the development of education and science not only in the Department of Financial Technology, but also for our university and economic science of the Ural Federal District. Here are some fragments of interviews with Igor Baev about science, education and his department over the past twenty years, which are still relevant today.

On Science and Innovations

“Innovations must be profitable”.

- By order of the Rector, our Department has been developing proposals for the Law on Innovations for Moscow recently. I gathered young and passionate students. They rushed to study the experience of innovations abroad. And it turned out that many countries had innovations, but did not have any law regulating those! The fact is that the institutional support there is such that innovations become profitable. But in this case we need a system of copyright protection, that is, the protection of benefits and private property, and we also need a system of incentives for smart people ‑ "nerds" must be rich. We do not diminish jurisprudence here; on the contrary, it is strengthened and becomes systemic. One of my postgraduate students said a very clever thing: 'You do not need a law on the invention of the wheel, you need a code of laws that stimulate the development of mechanics. And then the wheel will appear'. There’s no better way to put it.

On Education

“Knowledge is insatiable. It is like money”.

- They say if the money is enough for a woman, then she lacks imagination. And that’s true, it is a common thing.

“As a teacher, my task is to teach students to think, form alternative solutions”.

- Economy is always the search for the optimal solution, the golden mean, and not the work on a single option scheme. The study of economic and managerial courses at our Department is not only a functional process, but also a creative one.

“Qualitative economic and management education will always be in demand”.

- It gives a person more options and prospects for self-fulfilment. In difficult economic conditions, it is especially valuable. The costs of obtaining a quality education in the future are easily paid back with the corresponding career growth and decent wages, this is an investment in yourself and in your future.

On the Department

"The professional success of graduates is our quality indicator".

“You can check if there are any unemployed among my graduates ‑ there is none".

“Almost the entire teaching staff, which is around 80%, are the graduates of our Department. Our teachers know the process of teaching here, and what this process should be like. Our teachers give lectures everywhere, but their home is here”.

“In the postgraduate and doctoral programmes, the Department trains qualified teachers and researchers not only for itself, but also for other faculties, universities and enterprises”.

“The methodological support of the educational process is the most up-to-date. To check this, just visit the Business Games and Active Learning Laboratory n.a. B.N. Khristenko".

Traditionally, Igor Baev ends all meetings of the Department with the words: 'Love your students'.

We would like to congratulate a great scientist and a heaven-born teacher on his birthday anniversary! We are one team.



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