SUSU Students Took Part in the Internet Olympiad on Information Technology in Complex Systems

Students of South Ural State University took part in the 2nd round of the 10th All-Russian Student Interdisciplinary Innovation Internet Olympiad “Information Technology in Complex Systems” (with international participants).

Within the Federal Target Programme “Research, Academic and Teaching Staff of Innovative Russia”, Volga State University of Technology, Ioshkar Ola, hosted the 2nd round of the 10th All-Russian Student Interdisciplinary Innovation Olympiad “Information Technology in Complex Systems”. The lists of students invited to the final round were determined by the points scored in the all-Russian ranking.

Three students from South Ural State University: Aleksey Antipin, a student of the SUSU Institute of Architecture and Construction, and two students from the SUSU Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Konstantin Shvedov and Ilia Maksimov became the participants representing South Ural State University.

“I am very pleased with the participation in this event! My only regret is that you may take part in this Olympiad while you are still a student. At present I am a fourth-year student, that is why next year I won’t be able to participate, though it would be very interesting,” says Aleksey, who selected the field of Complex Systems in Architecture and Construction.

Students from the Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics selected the field of Complex Engineering Systems. The students noted that the tasks of the Olympiad were rather difficult.

“We were greeted warmly! It was interesting for me to visit the hosting university and the city in general. The most difficult thing for me was to prepare to the Olympiad as it was difficult to predict the knowledge I needed. The topics were published in advance; however, they were common ones. In the future I wouldn’t mind participating in this Olympiad again.”

The awardees and winners of the Olympiad were awarded prizes and certificates. All the participants of the final round of the Olympiad were awarded personal certificates.

One should point out that the Innovation Internet Olympiad was held in three groups of complex systems: “Information Technology in Complex Engineering Systems”, “Information Technology in Complex Social and Economic Systems” and “Information Technology in Complex Biosystems”.

One should mention that earlier South Ural State University had hosted the first round.

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