SUSU and Everypixel Group Created Artificial Intelligence Centre in Chelyabinsk

Korpus academia, founded by Everypixel Group company, and the Department of System Programming of the SUSU School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science have created a Research and Development Centre of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at our university.

Students together with experts from Everpixel will study the technologies of generative adversarial networks (GANs) and introduce them into production. This technology has high innovative and economic potential and is able to change the media market and social networks all over the world. Among the interesting projects in this field are mirror images of body movements (California University), photorealistic transfer of human facial expressions for portrait video (collaboration of several universities of Germany, Great Britain and the USA with Technicolor Corporation), object removal from an existing video (Adobe Inc.) and generating artificial voices based on audio samples of real people (Lyrebird company).

Another promising field is the development of recognition algorithms for artificially generated images and videos. The start of research in this area has already been announced by Alphabet and Facebook, as well as by the Defense Advanced Research Projects of the U.S. Department of Defense.

"Interaction with leading IT companies such as Everypixel is very important for the university. This allows us to effectively implement a project-based approach in teaching when students solve problems not from textbooks and teaching aids, but rather carry out real projects using state-of-the-art technologies that are at the forefront of the digital industry," says Leonid Sokolinsky, SUSU Vice-Rector for Informatization.

In addition to scientific research, educational courses in the field of Computer-Aided Learning, as well as research and practice seminars for students and employees of the university will be held. Also, project participants will solve real business problems set by Everypixel partner companies.

"Our project stimulates the development of initiatives in the field of computer-aided learning not only in Chelyabinsk, but also in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Perm, where a rather strong IT community already exists. The level of problems that we will solve is comparable to the developments of world-class researchers: Stanford and Massachusetts universities," says Dmitrii Shironosov, CEO of Everypixel Group.

About Company

Everypixel company has great experience in creating AI and implementing commercial solutions based on these technologies. The company's portfolio includes a Meta Search Engine for stock content based on neural networks, Everypixel Aesthetics photo quality evaluation algorithm recognized by hundreds of media sources around the world from Vice to TJournal, as well as the Dowell service, which uses Face Swap technology to transfer faces from one video to another, reducing the cost of video production by tenfold. In addition, this year, the Adstetica service, one of the company's projects, has been highly appreciated by the PhysTech Accelerator of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. It will help bloggers and brands manage their profile strategies in social networks and predict the effectiveness of publications.

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