UCTECH-PROFI: Innovations and High-technology Educational Environment

In Russia, much attention is paid to ensuring sustainable development of the engineering education thanks to big-scale governmental funding of the human resources potential, high-technology equipment and information infrastructure of professional education in the priority fields of developing science, engineering and technology.

The SUSU’s educational products, which are diverse and constantly increasing in nomenclature, comply with these criteria and include: educational equipment, emulators, imitators, simulators, learning kits, and laboratories with interactive visual aids. On the educational market, the university acts as an active system indicator of innovative teaching, methodical and schematic solutions in the system of professional education in Russia.

More than 6,000 items of the SUSU products allows to efficiently and comprehensively equip classrooms and laboratories on a turnkey basis implementing modern achievements in pedagogy, digital circuit engineering, mechatronics, and interactive information means and technologies. New products are being created, the previously released ones are being upgraded, and even exclusive ones are being developed, jointly with the leading methodological experts of universities, secondary technical schools, and core enterprises.

Following the results of the design and development works, 30-50 new prototypes of educational equipment are launched into production. Thus, in compliance with Industry 4.0 intergovernmental program, digital equipment and technologies enter not only industries but education as well, and on a big scale, too. Within the frameworks of the digital approach, the university is designing automated laboratory benches, simulators, and imitating emulators with the use of the technologies of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) (more than 600). Teaching “digital twins” allow to efficiently form modern knowledge and train professional competences, including with regard to expensive equipment, production lines and plants, with consideration to potential emergency situations, required diagnostics and repairs.

The originality of the developments and the author’s rights of the university scientists and staff have been confirmed by patents, author’s certificates, software registration certificates, and trademarks, and comply with all the international requirements to quality.

For marketing activities and promotion of the original educational products of the university, with consideration to and protection of the interests of the products’ developers, an Uctech-Profi Educational Equipment Manufacturer was established jointly with SUSU. At present, this is the most dynamically developing organisation and a recognized CIS leader in supply of innovative educational products for universities, secondary technical schools, vocational schools, and training centres at enterprises, as well as the organisations in the system of engineering creativity for young people (WORLD SKILLS, Quantoriums, Sirius).

The main factors facilitating the dynamic growth and demand for the products by Uctech-Profi on the CIS educational market are: efficient use of cutting-edge marketing technologies (web-site, exhibitions, seminars), and fulfilment of such key advantages of the selected prototypes of educational products as long life, reliability, safety, convenience, modern design and ergonomics, demonstrativeness and interactivity, quick launching, possibility of automated processing of experimental data, as well as imitation production as close to real life as possible. This ensures that specialists are trained to take adequate and accident-free action when solving various production tasks.

Such approach allows Uctech-Profi Educational Equipment Manufacturer to step up to a whole new level of the educational environment and ensure the leading positions on the international educational market. We help train the new generation of creators, who can program our and their future to become successful.

Uctech-Profi Educational Equipment Manufacturer offers its experience and knowledge on forming all the components of modern high-technology educational environment in order to train innovative specialists. The motto of Uctech-Profi is to move forward being guided by the world standards.

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