Open House Day: SUSU Welcomed Its First Applicants

The first Open House Day in the academic year of 2019/20 was held at the Activity Hall of South Ural State University on October 6th. More than 800 people were present at the event.

On October 1st, all universities of the Russian Federation announced new admission regulations and target figures on state-funded places for the future academic year, as well as posted the information, concerning students’ personal achievements.

The SUSU Open House Day was traditionally held on the first Sunday of October. The purpose of the event is to get senior high school students and their parents acquainted with the university. During the official part of the event at the Activity Hall, relevant admission information was provided.

SUSU Rector Aleksandr Shestakov spoke about the prospects and development strategies of the university, as well as about the rankings, the university’s main strategic fields, and project-based learning.

“A university is a place, where the leading global market businesses choose future employees ‒ university graduates. Our university is focused on providing such education for young people that will eventually make them competitive. Today we set a goal to move up in the rankings, to have leading positions in digital industry, and to become prize winners in materials science and ecology, and we are going to accomplish all these tasks. You need SUSU so that you could receive good education, and we, in our turn, need good students, whom we will teach and who will work in the field of science not only in Russia, but also abroad”.

The guests of the event were provided with an updated information about students’ personal achievements and about giving preference to those who gained most scores at the Unified State Examination. Particular emphasis was put on the opportunities, which the university grants, free of charge, to prepare for the Unified State Examination and to choose future qualification. The Rector noted that the work with the high-scoring applicants gives them certain opportunities to “grow” in a particular professional field, in which they are going to prove themselves, and become competitive not only in Russia, but also on an international level.

Also, one of the main important issues is the choice of exams, which school students are going to pass next year within the framework of the Unified State Examination. Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Pre-University Education Ivan Sukhikh explained why school students need to pick future profession right away.

“It is important that kids and their parents start to pick future profession right away, and, most importantly, to choose which exams to pass. This choice needs to be made in December this year, and, in accordance with the rules of legislation, changing this decision will not be an easy task. Our goal is to hold career counselling events, to help senior high school students understand where they would like to study, and, consequently, choose the right set of exams.”

One of the most popular topics for young men is gaining military education. Deputy Head of the SUSU Military Training Centre Konstantin Krikunov told the school students and their parents about certain study characteristics and advantages for students.

“The reorganization of the Faculty of Military Education into the Military Training Centre wasn’t fraught with changes in our activity. Those key advantages we obtained are still in operation. These students, who completed a free education course at the Military Training Centre and at SUSU, are not subject to active military service. Our graduates, who wish to continue with the military qualification, still have an opportunity to get recruited on a contract basis.”

Secretary of the Admissions Committee Aleksandr Gubarev spoke about the new admission regulations, terms of the 2020 application period and enrolment, and target figures on state-funded places.

“The active start of the Admissions Campaign will begin on July 20, 2020. For the admission process you will need a passport, an academic certificate, and a document on social benefits, if needed. There will be three ways to enter SUSU: come in person, send documents via Internet, or mail. The most important rule: you will be admitted to that university, to which you submitted the original of your academic certificate.”

After the meeting, the school students’ parents had an opportunity to personally talk to directors of the South Ural State University’s schools and institutes and ask all relevant questions.

The next Open House Day will be held in December next year.

Marina Kovyazina; photos by Viktoria Matveichuk
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