Student Spring 2019: SUSU Presented its Contest Program

On April 10th, South Ural State University students presented their contest program called Island of Faith as part of the Student Spring 2019 Festival. The main performers were groups from the SUSU Recreation Centre.

The Student Spring festival is held every year to support the artistic potential of the student body. Every year, students from special secondary schools and higher education institutions perform and enjoy the performances of each other.

“The Student Spring 2019 Festival is being held in a new format this year. Each university, joining their performances together, will perform a festival program. The author of the idea for our festival program was Ekaterina Galanova, who turned out to be not only a talented choreographer, but a director, too. Overall, our program was a hit, and I hope that we will win!” said Director of the SUSU Recreation Centre, Svetlana Filipchuk.

The mystical fantasy which was inspired by the legends of Lake Turgoyak, Island of Faith, is not named that way by accident. The director of this production, Head of the Deep Vision dance theatre Ekaterina Galanova told us why she chose this idea.

“The idea was spontaneous. Based on my experience in holding regional and Russian programs, I gained an understanding of what is very valuable when your production is based on the unique qualities of the region and the place where you live. For 5 years, I have been storing vivid memories from a trip to the island of faith on Lake Turgoyak. In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful places in the South Ural region. This is a place that is shrouded in a huge number of legends from different eras and different time intervals. This inspired me to fantasize about how we could present this on stage. Our presentation is a collective image of our overall impressions, based on the creative resources we have at our university. Some of our pieces were already prepared, and we just included them into the program, and some were rehearsed specifically for the theme.”

Also among the creators of this mystical masterpiece was the Head of the LADIES BAND pop-jazz ensemble Elena Shishova, who acted as the production’s musical director, and SUSU student Valeria Potapova, who was the main voice of the university’s competition program.

One of the participants of the program was SUSU ILIC student Polina Buss. She noted the special energy that the audience radiated.

“We spent a lot of time on rehearsals, looking for costumes, fittings, and dancing at various venues. But in the end, everything happened so quickly that I didn’t even notice. I felt a strong energy back from the audience. This energy from the audience helped me cope with all the difficulties and the nervousness. Now, after our performance, I feel only calmness and great joy that everything went very well!”

A large number of people came to watch the South Ural State University program. Among them was SUSU graduate Elena Nikolskaya.

“I was impressed by the scope of the performance: the 25 frame effect, a girl flying in a ring, it was truly a full story. They were really great, their eyes were shining, they gave it a 100%.”

The city-wide festival Student Spring 2019 will continue until April 21st, and after that the results of this round of the festival will be announced. The winners of the contest will go on to the Student Spring national competition.

Marina Kovyazina; photos by Oleg Igoshin
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