Distance Education at SUSU: Prestigious, Economical, Convenient

The Institute of Open and Distance Education (IODE) is an important division of South Ural State University. The main goal of the institute, which offers a full range of academic, consulting, and technical services, is to implement distance education technologies into the academic process at the university. Higher education at SUSU via distance education is simple, prestigious, economical, and convenient.

South Ural State University is one of the most well-known universities in our country. It is a university of the new generation which combines fundamental traditions of the academic environment with leading developments in teaching. Thanks to this, students have all of the advantages of modern education.

One of SUSU’s key tasks is to create an academic system which is open to all. Among the priority fields in the academic process is applying distance education technologies. Distance education fully meets the set goals and tasks, because innovative technologies are part of the university’s academic process.

Unique features of distance education technologies

  • The foundation of the academic process is goal-based and strictly-controlled, intensive independent work by the students, who can study where and when they feel most comfortable, with a set of learning tools (guidelines, manuals and textbooks, audio cassettes with lectures, etc.)
  • Interactivity – constant systematic interaction between a student and a teacher, and between students throughout the learning process. In distance learning, interactivity is episodic – only during exams. The most common among students is real-time dialog – a chatroom where all participants connect, and the time between sending and receiving messages is measured in seconds.
  • Within the distance education process, a student spends certain amount of time learning academic and methodological materials online, completes testing, takes exams under the guidance of the teacher, and interacts with other students of the “virtual” academic group.
  • In distance learning, a student and a teacher are physically separated from one another, but they interact constantly, organizing this interaction with the help of special approaches to building a course, the forms of control, and methods of communication using e-mail and other Internet technologies.
  • Each student is assigned a tutor, to whom s/he can address any questions related to the learning process. Tutor helps them with any confusion from the variety of lectures and reminds them of deadlines and important tests.
  • To fulfill academic programs, courses, and separate disciplines, IODE use the electronic academic space SUSU Online 2.0.

Advantages of Online Education

  • Comfortable access to professional training;
  • Students’ independence from the geographical location of the university;
  • Study without taking time off from work;
  • Higher education is more accessible for such groups as the disabled, women on maternity leave, military personnel and their families, people on long business trips, etc.;
  • Study on your own terms in the time between exams; and
  • Possibility of immediately applying your knowledge.

Fields of Study Available for Students

The Institute of Open and Distance Education is accepting applications for students in the 2018-2019 academic year in the following fields: 

Bachelor’s degree, online, 5 years



Future place of work/profession


Cost (rub. Per year)


Industrial and civil construction


Master of construction sites and enterprises in the construction industry, engineer of production and engineering departments, designer, engineer for construction laboratories, engineer for housing and utilities management, engineers for construction control and supervision services, engineering estimator


Electric Power Industry and Electric Engineering

Electric Driver and Automation of Industrial Installations and Technological Complexes

Electrical engineer in mechanical engineering fields of construction bureaus, including heads of private enterprises in the fields of energy conservation, automation, and information technology facilities and production.


Engineering and Technological Support of Machine-Building Production

Mechanical-Engineering Technology 

Engineering technologist, design engineer, master or manager in services of computer design and production management, heads of private businesses




Metallurgical engineer, welding engineer, heating engineer, thermal engineer, engineering technologist, constructor of new metal alloys, caster, materials scientist, supervisor of metallurgical equipment.



Finances and credit

Banks, businesses, insurance companies, leasing firms



Financial management


Organs of state and municipal management, ministries, federal agencies and services, city or oblast administration


State and municipal management

State and municipal management


Administration at all levels, treasury, financial services for regions and oblasts, social, medical, and pension insurance funds.



Civil Law


Ministries and departments, law enforcement agencies, notaries, public defender and legal consultation, business and organizations of various forms


Pedagogical education

Pedagogy and psychology


Organs managing education, educational institutions of various types and levels (from preschool to higher education institutions)



By developing distance technologies, the university is mastering new fields. This year, for the first time, students graduated from the Industrial and Civil Construction Program. This unique experience in Russia turned out well. SUSU offered quality distance education, taught engineers to successfully execute projects and work with equipment. The number of programs in technical fields at the Institute of Open and Distance Education is increasing.

The programs of distance education allow people to earn an education in Russian while being located anywhere around the world. According to statistics, SUSU’s online students are located in various regions of Russia, CIS countries, Europe, Mongolia, Turkey, USA, etc.

By choosing the distance education format at SUSU, you gain:

  • Opportunity to study in a prestigious national research university, saving yourself from expensive moving costs and issues of living in a different city;
  • Possibility of combining work and study;
  • Freedom to choose how much time to spend on assignments

Distance education at South Ural State University is an excellent way to earn quality professional education!

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