International Views on South Ural State University

South Ural State University is building a strong academic and research reputation internationally. Scientists from more than 20 countries have already chosen SUSU as their reliable research partner. By offering modern technology and high-tech facilities, the University is committed to attracting leading researchers from around the world. South Ural State University aspires to do world-changing research in collaboration with international colleagues and successfully face the world’s challenges. We have asked a number of our international academic staff to share their experiences on working at South Ural State University.

Manus Henry, Great Britain

Self-Validating Sensors, Systems,
and Advanced Instrumentation
International Research Laboratory

SUSU has  enthusiastic staff and students, some excellent research facilities (for example the supercomputer laboratory), and strong links with the vibrant industrial sector in the region. From my experience, SUSU conferences have high industry engagement, which is very encouraging. As an engineer, it is important to see research outcomes lead on to application impact, and to achieve this strong industrial partnership is vital. We are just starting a major project with strong industrial involvement and I look forward to seeing our new developments emerge as high tech products and services.

Sakthi Dharan, India


Research & Education Centre

Having received my Ph.D. degree in India, I made a decision to continue my research in another country and get international experience. I was choosing between Russia, Switzerland and England. I’ve heard a lot of positive things about Russia so I decided to apply for a postdoctoral position in a Russian university. South Ural State University had a research vacancy that was close to my interest (covalent organic frameworks). I sent my application to SUSU and that’s how my collaboration with SUSU started. SUSU gave me a wonderful opportunity of working with modern facilities I’d never tried before. We’re now in the process of developing a new type of carbon polymers that will have amazing practical implications. Although I miss my family in India, being part of this important research at SUSU is absolutely inspiring and worth doing.

Dragan Dragolubovic, Serbia

Institute of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

My work at SUSU in Chelyabinsk was a very positive experience. I have been at a number of universities in the world, but I have never met such enthusiasm and leadership of academic and research staff. I was pleased with the students’ thirst for knowledge and their active social life. I believe that SUSU is a university with enormous potential thanks to its high- quality collaboration, cultural diversity and geographical location. I was amazed by the Faculty of Chemistry and their state-of-the-art Nanotechnology Research and Education Centre. The research staff were incredible to work with and I will keep collaborating with them at a distance. Our teamwork would not be possible without the International Office. Their friendly staff did a great job making my work with SUSU possible. Being part of this university is a great honour and I am proud of it. I am looking forward to our further collaboration in the future and I am eagerly waiting for my next visit to SUSU.

Gabor Lux, Hungary

School of Economics & Management

I was delighted to work at South Ural State University, and interact with both my students and the university staff. With its wide spectrum of academic programmes, growing internationalisation, and sense of professionalism, SUSU is bound to increase its attraction for an increasing number of talented students from both within and outside Russia. I have had a great time teaching at the Faculty of Economic Theory and Regional Economics.

Susanne Durst, Sweden

School of Economics & Management

What I appreciate in particular about working together with the faculty and students from SUSU is their motivation and willingness to look beyond what they know, which makes possible a unique learning experience.

This is a great inspiration for me and I look forward to working with SUSU in the future!

Marko D. Petrovic, Serbia

Institute of Sport, Tourism & Service

SUSU and Chelyabinsk have been a very positive experience in my career. In my opinion, SUSU is a university with huge potential, excellent facilities and high quality of education and research. Being part of this university was a great honour.

I’ve learned a lot at SUSU and met talented researchers and bright students. I’m looking forward to our further collaboration in the future.

Mirjana Radoviс-Markoviс, Serbia

School of Economics & Management

SUSU is about positive relationships and modern thinking. I am fortunate to have served as a full professor for bachelor and master’s course on Female Entrepreneurship at SUSU. This experience has built my interest in teaching Russian students and I look forward to working in a collaborative learning and teaching environment, where I can develop courses incorporating innovative teaching techniques and the most recent theories and research through an interdisciplinary approach. I am also incredibly excited to have the opportunity to be the senior scientific researcher and to do research according to SUSU needs.

I hope I will continue collaborating with SUSU in the future. It is an academically challenging environment with an excellent reputation for research and teaching quality.

Orlin Stefanov, Bulgaria

Institute of Social Sciences & Humanities

Working at the literature department at SUSU gave me an opportunity to realise my professional ideas. It is impossible to grasp literature without understanding history, aesthetics, philosophy, and politics. South Ural State University (National Research University) and Project 5-100 provide this wonderful opportunity to collaborate with researchers from different academic fields and share your expertise and knowledge with students. I am planning to publish a monograph and write a research paper on one of the world’s greatest tragedies - Antigone by Sophocles. I am grateful to SUSU for the possibility of participating in various conferences and giving lectures in other educational institutes of hospitable Chelyabinsk. These bright memories will remain with me forever.

Milan Radovanovic, Serbia

Institute of Sport, Tourism & Service

It is a great honour for me to teach at SUSU as a visiting professor thanks to Project 5-100. SUSU makes effective collaboration possible. I hope my Serbian colleagues and I will be part of SUSU in the future.

Natalia Shankova
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