More Than 500 Enrollees from Central Asia Submitted Their Documents at SUSU

Delegation from South Ural State University carried out a number of events in the countries of Central Asia. Vice-Rector for International Activity Olga Yaroshenko, Deputy Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Yulia Bolotina and an Analyst of International Affairs Office Mikhail Rukhtin. SUSU representatives visited 6 educational establishments of Tadzhikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan in order to establish contacts and to promote the University in these countries.

This year is distinctive by extending geography of SUSU cooperation with the near-abroad countries. The University delegation visited a number of cities of Tadzhikistan, particularly Hisor, Nurak, Khujand and Bokhtar. The University representatives met with the representatives of Tajik National University, Tajik Technical University named after Academic M.S. Osimi, Branch of State Institution of Republic Institute of Advanced Training and Professional Retraining in the Field of Education and Institute of Energy of Tajikistan. The delegation visited such Kyrgyzstan cities as Osh and Kyzyl-Kiya and such educational establishments as Osh State University, Kyzyl-Kiya Mining Secondary School and Kirghiz Social and Economic Institute.

“The aim of our delegation work consisted in promoting South Ural State University and programs of Bachelor, Master, Specialist and Postgraduate Degrees exactly in Asian countries. This is connected with the fact that the university is one of those universities of our country which are entrusted to export the Russian education. Moreover, this is an opportunity to find worthy partners in cooperation with whom we would be able not only to improve the quality of educational process but to achieve the more successful results in scientific and research activity,” told Yulia Bolotina, Deputy Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of SUSU.

Rector of Tajik Technical University named after Academic M.S. Osimi Khaidar Odinazoda and Rector of Institute of Energy of Tajikistan Khairullo Nazarzoda as well as Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan in the person of First Deputy Minister Rakhmatullo Mirboboev expressed their deep respect and appreciation to Rector of South Ural State University Aleksandr Shestakov for the desire to establish cooperation in the field of education and preparation of highly qualified academic staff  among the residents of the country as well as expressed hopes on further effective cooperation. In addition to this, Rectors of four universities which were visited by SUSU delegation expressed their intention of making a goodwill visit to South Ural State University in honor of 75th anniversary. 

Residents of Central Asia countries expressed a great interest in obtaining the Russian education; more than 500 residents of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan submitted their documents for the Bachelor Degree programs.

“Close cooperation between the universities-partners on the issues of entering the university, practical trainings, academic exchanges, and Rector Aleksandr Shestakov’s visit to Tajik Technical University contributed to the Tajik Youth and their parents’ interest in entering SUSU for different modes of study from the Bachelor Degree programs and to the Doctor Degree programs,” noted Vice-Rector for International Activity of SUSU Olga Yaroshenko.

In Uzbekistan an important part of the delegation work consisted in collaboration with Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) together with which SUSU representatives carried out a selection of enrollees who wanted to be admitted at the Russian universities. 

“Rossotrudnichestvo carried out a selection of enrollees for entering the Russian universities. Among Uzbekistan residents there were 6000 candidates willing to obtain education in our country while the quota supposes the limitation of 500 people. Several universities including SUSU, Moscow Aviation Institute, Kazan Federal University and some other were presented in the committee for the selection,” said an analyst of International Affairs Office of SUSU Mikhail Rukhtin.  

Moreover, SUSU representatives participated in career guidance work with the secondary schools graduates who wanted to know about the possibility of obtaining education in one of the Russian leading universities. Enrollees’ interest to the education at South Ural State University is determined by the fact that SUSU is known among many residents of near-abroad countries because radio and television broadcast news reports and stories of the university what contributes to its popularity in the territory of these countries.

The enrollees choose individual educational programs at SUSU and many of those who have graduated from the Bachelor or the Master Degree programs intend to continue their education.

“Having graduated from a secondary school I was considering several universities in Russia and I chose South Ural State University because this was one of the best educational establishments of the Ural region. This year I graduated from the Master Degree program and decided to continue with science in the course of the Postgraduate program. I recommend SUSU to my friends without any doubt because there is the best teaching staff. Thanks to my study here I got acquainted with many people from different parts of the world,” underlined SUSU student from Tajikistan Shukhrat Dzhumaev.

In addition to this among those residents of Central Asia countries who submit their documents at SUSU a number of females increased what demonstrates a high level of trust and respect to the University.

Azaliya Sharafutdinova
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