Make a Scientific Career at SUSU’s Postgraduate Program!

The successful completion of a Master’s program is not a reason to stop moving forward. Many students prefer to move to the next step of the academic stairs called postgraduate studies. Earning an academic degree gives you a chance to not just work in research, but also to expand the horizons of your future. South Ural State University has everything you need for this.

“The main goal of SUSU postgraduate programs is to attract talented graduates with experience in research, including graduates of other universities and from abroad. Attracting talented students into the university’s postgraduate program is systematic. On the one hand, there are many offerings when choosing one’s major, on the other – events are held aimed at supporting the most promising postgraduate students, including financially,” notes Vice Rector for Research Aleksandr Dyakonov.

South Ural State University offers a wide range of majors for future candidates of sciences. They can choose from 25 majors, including more than 80 specialties. Postgraduate programs can be completed through intramural or extramural modes of study. 

“The Postgraduate Office of the Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute was organized in 1962. Over the time that has passed, more than three thousand students have completed postgraduate training, defending their dissertations when seeking academic degrees of Doctor or Candidate of Sciences. Many of them then created their own schools of research. At this time, around 600 people are studying in the postgraduate programs at SUSU, including around 90 foreign citizens, representing Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Iraq, Yemen, China, the USA, and Sri Lanka,” says Nadezhda Zhilenkova, Head of the SUSU Postgraduate Office.

The end goal of training in a postgraduate program is earning the academic degree of a Candidate of Sciences, which is earned through hard work. The strong academic and research infrastructure at South Ural State University comes to the aid of the students, offering more than 40 research laboratories and centers as well as a chance to participate in international projects, contests, grants, and internships.

Nadezhda Zhilenkova: “SUSU offers students the chance to study in Double Degree postgraduate programs with the leading universities in Europe and China, including Tianjin Foreign Studies University (China) in Philology and Language Theory, and Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland) in Software Engineering, Intelligent computing: Computer Vision, etc. One other advantage of SUSU postgraduate programs is its 13 dissertation committees in technical, natural science, and socio humanitarian fields.”

Education in the SUSU postgraduate programs involves research work and teaching. Young specialists must offer regular lectures with an overall load of 100 academic hours a year. To enroll in postgraduate studies, applicants must have an education level of no lower than a Master’s degree and complete entrance exams in: philosophy, foreign languages (English, French, or German), and a field within their chosen major.

At present the South Ural State University postgraduate programs offer education for research and teaching staff for industrial businesses and research institutes as well as for companies within the military-industrial complex such as state corporations Roskosmos and Rosatom. Many graduates of the postgraduate programs have become leading researchers and employees of the largest industrial companies around the country: Metran industrial group, ChTZ-URALTAK OAO, URALAZ OAO, ChMK-MEChEL OAO, Mayak PAO, V.P. Makeev State Rocket Centre, Zlatoust Engineering Plant, ChEMK OAO, FNPTs STANKOMASH OAO, the Zababakhin All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Technical, and many more.

More information

Document submission for SUSU postgraduate programs (2018-2019):

Intramural (state-sponsored) – before July 13th

Intramural (contract) –before August 20th

Extramural (contract) –before September 21st

Office hours: Mon-Fri from 10:00 to 18:00, Sat from 10:00 to 14:00

Documents can be submitted at Room 504 of the SUSU main building (76 Lenin Prospect).


+7(351) 272-32-10

+7(351) 267-96-12

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Oksana Kuvakina
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