SUSU Students are Working on Project for Tourism Development in the Chelyabinsk Region

Students of the SUSU Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service are elaborating a project for sustainable tourism development in the region by an order from the Government of the Chelyabinsk region and the Center of Tourism Development. Master’s degree students majoring in Tourism and Hotel Business are to take part in the research together with international partners from Geographical Institute Jovan Cvijić of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (Belgrade) and the Business College of Applied Studies (Novi Sad).

This project is an excellent example of practice-oriented education which is an inseparable part of education process at South Ural State University. Project education technology allows providing students with not just up-to-date knowledge but also with professional skills required by employers.

“SUSU’s Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service is a largest science-and-education complex which performs training of professionals in the sphere of physical culture, pedagogic (physical) education, adaptive physical culture, tourism, hotel business, catering organization, restaurant service, technology for artistic metal treatment,” says Director of SUSU ISTiS, Vadim Erlikh. “In the course of study, a student should not only obtain a totality of knowledge and skills but also find his or her place at the labor market. In order to achieve this, study plans in 2018 will include working on student projects during the entire period of study; still we already have what to be proud of.”

On the grounds of the SUSU Research Center for Sport Science, a senior year student majoring in Pedagogic Education, Nikita Dubrovskiy, elaborated a project entitled “Creation of domestic analog of voice prosthesis and tracheostoma”, with which he won the authoritative UMNIK program of the Foundation on Innovations Facilitation and received a grant for development of the invention. In March of 2018, the student and his scientific supervisor, Director of the Research Center for Sport Science, Vitaliy Epishev, presented the possibilities of 3D prototyping and computer simulation for rehabilitation of patients with tumors of head and neck at the All-Russian science-to-practice conference of young scientists and specialists entitled “Academic readings: fundamental sciences and clinical medicine.”

In 2018, a project entitled “Development of resource-saving technology of the use of grain and oil crops for manufacture of food products on the basis of analysis of scientific and engineering information and modern tendencies of food market development” under supervision of Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Abduvali Toshev, is to be launched for master’s degree students of the ISTiS Department of Production Technology and Catering Organization. The project was ordered by large industrial enterprises of the region headed by the Soyuzpishcheprom company group.

In the new academic year, by the order of the Ministry of Sport of the Chelyabinsk region, Directorate of Sport and Mass Events, and the All-Russian Physical Education and Sport Complex “Ready for Labor and Defense” (GTO) in the Chelyabinsk region, students majoring in physical culture, adaptive physical culture and pedagogic education start implementing the project entitled “Interrelation of the results of completing the GTO complex and the health level of school and university students”.

“The result of the work will be establishment of a Center for Testing the All-Russian Physical Education and Sport Complex “Ready for Labor and Defense” in the structure of SUSU’s physical education and sports club and a unique analytical GTO platform. This project is perspective not just for our students and structures that implement the GTO complex; it is also of great practical significance for university applicants, because golden badge of the GTO All-Russian Physical Education and Sport Complex provides additions 10 points to the Unified State Examination (EGE) results when applying to a university,” notes Vadim Erlikh.

In the process of training students of the SUSU ISTiS Department of Service and Technology of Material Artistic Processing, participation in massive creative projects has long since been included into the education process. Students develop their projects for professional contests and exhibitions. For example, a poster of student Anna Moiseenko got included into exposition of CHEAP Street Poster Art Festival in Bologna (Italy). Posters of Valentina Tuflenkova and Tatiana Karpukhina got displayed in the final exposition at Grafers-2016 International Contest of Posters, organized by Cyprus International University under support of ICO-D International Council of Design.

SUSU’s Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service has one of the best-in-the-country sports base. For students’ disposal, there is a unique infrastructure: a swimming pool of Olympic standard, an indoor stadium, 18 gyms. The range of sports being practiced at the university is constantly expanding. As of today, there are more than 25 of them: track and field, ski racing, sport orienteering, kick boxing, boxing, wrestling, weight lifting, volleyball, basketball, badminton, and other. In 2018, by the occasion of SUSU’s 75th anniversary, a professional rock-climbing wall is to be opened.

Alumni of SUSU’s Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service are in-demand on the labor market of both Russia and abroad. More than 200 organizations are the Institute’s partners, among whom the key employers are: the Ministry of Physical Education and Sports of the Chelyabinsk region, the Center of Olympic Judo Training of the Chelyabinsk region, Traktor Ice Hockey Club, tourism companies ISTiS-Tour and Sputnik, Smolino Park Hotel, Holiday Inn, Radisson Blu, Sunny Valley Ski Resort, and many other.

The Institute carries out educational activity in bachelor’s, master’s, postgraduate studies and secondary professional education programs.

Oksana Kuvakina; photo by: Oleg Igoshin
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