SUSU’s Sports and Recreation Complex Is Ready for Summer Season!

Summer is less than two weeks away. Students of South Ural State University should start thinking where to spend vacations.

Deputy Head of the Extracurricular Activities Department, Head of Olimp Sports and Recreation Camp Veronika Livonchik shares on how the SUSU’s sports and recreation complex, which comprises Olimp students’ camp, Nauka recreation camp, Berezka children’s camp, is getting ready for the summer season, as well as where Students’ Friendship Alley will be created.

– When does summer season open at the SUSU’s sports and recreation complex?

‒ In Berezka camp the first session starts on June 4th, in Nauka camp – June 6th, and in Olimp camp the season will open on July 1st after students pass all exams. People are already buying their vouchers, but there’s no queuing up yet. I’d like to urge students take care of their best summer ever beforehand and buy their vouchers now. You can do this by visiting the Olimp student camp’s VKontakte web-page or by filing an application with the Trade Union Committee.

At all camps territories are being actively cleaned. The enthusiasts from the Faculty of Military Education are helping us with that. The most active students have been working at volunteer clean-ups at Olimp starting May 1st. Repairs and construction works will begin soon. In particular the road accessing the territory will be re-arranged and improved as best possible.

– Are there many volunteers to participate in the improvement works?

‒ I’ve recently posted a message on social networks urging to join creative student enthusiasts willing to participate in the improvement works. And I received much feedback. Including replies from people unrelated to SUSU but willing to join this project as volunteers and help paint the cabins, plant flowers and improve the territory.

– How are the complex supervisors getting ready for the season?

‒ The complex Administration is executing the documents, and is doing everything in compliance with the requirements on preparing the complex for the season. Anti-tick treatment is being held at the territory, and the personnel is taking medical examination.

– And what is the state of the beaches?

‒ We have only one beach – it’s a beach at Nauka camp. The guests from all three camps can rest here. This year we’re planning on partially refurbishing the pontoon’s pavement. Also the recreation area on the beach itself will be expanded and improved.

– Please, tell us what is the current status of the Students’ Friendship Alley, the creation of which was requested by students on Tatiana Day?

‒ SUSU Rector Aleksandr Shestakov approved the location of the Students’ Friendship Alley, and it will be in Olimp camp. At the moment we’re at the stage of creating the project, we’re trying to choose the most harmonious location of the alley, and thinking over what it will look like. The students’ initiative is very important. We’d like them to participate in planting trees, bushes and flowers. The unique feature of this alley is that we’re actively involving students into its creation.

Today SUSU is also an international place, that is why this project aims at forming favourable international environment, strengthening friendship and cooperation of students and teachers of all nationalities and nations.

The Students’ Friendship Alley will become a symbol of unity, cooperation and friendship of students, as well as an important university tradition.

Students’ Friendship Alleys exist in such Russian cities as Rostov-on-Don, Kursk, Novosibirsk, and Orel. Each one of them has its own unique peculiarities, and is a symbol of friendship and unity of all students and university communities. The common thing for all the existing alleys is that they are located outdoors, in places important namely for students and which have their own history, aura, and its traditions. Each friendship alley provides an opportunity for the initiative groups of universities contribute into its development: plant trees or place art installations there. Such alleys serve as recreation spots for students any time of the year or day.

All students will probably agree that it is hard to find a better place for the SUSU’s Students’ Friendship Alley than Olimp Sports and Recreation Camp.

At the initiative of the Extracurricular Activities Department it is planned to created the future SUSU’s Students’ Friendship Alley namely in Olimp Sports and Recreation Camp. In this context, students, teachers and staff are offered to answer the question on what exactly the Students’ Friendship Alley should feature.

The best ideas will be used while creating the SUSU’s Students’ Friendship Alley, and the participants will receive nice souvenirs.

You can e-mail your suggestions to the Head of Olimp Sports and Recreation Camp Veronika Livonchik livonchikvv[at]susu[dot]ru; or leave messages on the I Love SUSU official VK web-page.

Looking forward to your ideas!

Marina Kovyazina, Olga Vazhenina
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