SUSU Is Ready to Start the Enrollment Campaign

South Ural State University, one of the major Russian universities, a participant of Project 5-100 – program on enhancement of competitiveness of Russian universities in the international educational space –is getting ready to start the Enrollment Campaign 2018. It will begin already on June 20th. On the verge of this event the executive secretary of the SUSU’s Enrollment Campaign Aleksandr Gubarev shares on the peculiarities of enrollment and answers the main questions.

– Aleksandr Vasilyevich, the enrollees and their parents are first of all worried about the state-funded education: how many state-funded vacant places does SUSU have this year?

– Here is the official information: in 2018 SUSU has been assigned 3,344 state-funded vacant places under programs of higher professional education; enrollment to these state-funded places in South Ural State University will be held in compliance with Decree No.393 of the Russian Federation Ministry of Education as of 28.04.2017. Of course, the number of state-funded places differs depending on the speciality, and there are training fields where there are no state-funded places in Bachelor’s programs, but they are available in Master’s programs. Some Mass Media reported that SUSU was not given state-funded places in two fields of training which did not pass state accreditation, but I assure you that it is not true. The lack of accreditation does not mean the enrollment for training is prohibited. We already know our mistakes and drawbacks, and have planned how to fix them. In a year there will be another accreditation for these specialities, so the students who enroll this year will be awarded state standard diplomas. That is why there will be enrollment for state-funded places under Jurisprudence in Master’s and Bachelor’s programs, and under Management in Engineering Systems in Master’s program.

– How many fields of training does SUSU offer, and which specialities are the most popular?

– SUSU offers the enrollees 192 fields of training and specialities, for which the university successfully passed inspection by supervision authorities and obtained State Accreditation Certificate No.2791 valid till 2024. The enrollees are free to choose any of these fields and specialities this year. Traditionally the most popular ones are specialities under Economics, Humanities, and Law programs, and SUSU is no exception with this regard. We have a Statistics section at our web-site, where you can check the information for over the recent 9 years. Last year the most popular were the faculties of the SUSU's Institute of Law, Institute of Linguistics and International Communication, and School of Economics and Management. The enrollment competition for these institutes was 16-20 people per one state-funded place. But over the recent years popularity of a number of engineering programs has been growing. Here we can mention the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the Polytechnic Institute, where the last year's admission score for Missiles System Designing speciality equaled 224. This is happening thanks in no small part to many-years collaboration of South Ural State University with Roscosmos State Space Corporation and many other enterprises. Moreover, among the engineering programs the following ones gained popularity: Fundamental Informatics at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and Construction at the Institute of Architecture and Construction.

– And how does the university take into consideration personal achievements of enrollees?

– South Ural State University very carefully considers individual achievements of enrollees and gives preference to winners and awardees of the final rounds of all-Russian Olympiads. We can accept without exams the winners and awardees of Olympiads organized by the Council of Rectors of Russia, the list of which is approved by the Ministry of Education. Moreover, in compliance with the Russian Federation Law, our university provides special rights and takes into consideration individual achievements of enrollees according to the Rules of Admission to University. The SUSU enrollees have a right to submit diplomas (certificates) of Olympiads and other intellectual, creative, professional contests or sports competitions.

– Aleksandr Vasilyevich, in your opinion, what is the best way of submitting documents when enrolling to SUSU: in person, by mail, or online?

– The enrollees may choose any of these variants of submitting documents to SUSU, as is most convenient to them. Starting from June 20th of 2018, when the Enrollment Campaign begins, they can come to South Ural State University and submit their documents in person. This is a classical and most popular way of submitting documents. For these enrollees a Unified Consulting and Occupational Guidance Center will traditionally be working in the 2nd academic building of the university (85 Lenin Prospect, Chelyabinsk), where student volunteers will be helping to submit documents, and lecturers will be guiding on what speciality to choose. The residents of the Chelyabinsk Region will also be able to file an application in the university branch in their city. A second variant is applying online. The Internet portal for enrollees allows to file an application from any corner of our country. Thirdly, it is possible to file an application by mailing it. When enrolling, you will have to produce: your identification document (passport) and the document of your previous education (General Certificate of Secondary Education, or Diploma), all other documents are optional. Welcome to South Ural State University!

SUSU Admissions Committee

Multichannel telephone: +7 (351) 267-94-52 or 8 800 300 00 55

Olga Romanovskaia
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