Victory Waltz – is an Opportunity to say "Thank you" - Choreographer of Victory Waltz Tatiana Muller

On may 7, the square in front of the main building of the South Ural state University will have more than a hundred pairs in the "Victory Waltz". Flashmob is held for the fourth time and every year it becomes more and more large. Now the participants are working hard to rehearse and help them in this professional choreographers. One of them, Tatiana Mueller, told about why rehearsals are so important and what this project means to her.

– You are the choreographer for "the Waltz of Victory" that gave you this experience?

– We with the second choreographer Vitaly-the authors ideas, on our initiative by the most the first "Waltz Victory" four years ago. To do or not to do a flash mob this year – a question practically was not. I think that next year we will do it, especially if there is the same return from the participants. Year by year to make the "Waltz of Victory" more pleasant, because the guys become more conscious and no longer have to explain to them why they are here, why and for whom we do it. There are those, which with us already the third and even the fourth year.

– What difficulties have you encountered while working?

– The biggest difficulties arise from the number of children and are usually associated with organizational moments. Most boys and girls are not professional dancers, some of them try waltz for the first time. Everyone can take part in the flash mob, the availability of dance education is not necessary. This year we have not invited any dance groups. In two weeks our guys are learning to waltz through the emotions. In order for the flash mob was beautiful, we have to rehearse a lot. This requires a lot of organization from the participants. Our task-to teach children not just to waltz, and to do it with feeling that they understood sense of our idea and on the termination on a flash mob were the real actors. The boys in the dance convey the image of the very military who saved our country. Girls, too, must create atmosphere of the time.

– What does "victory Waltz" mean to you?

– This project is our four-year-old child. In the first year, we decided very easily and thought that we would succeed. Over the years, the flash mob has gained momentum and we are becoming more and more. "Waltz Victory" for me-this debt. Every young person on may 9 wants to show their respect to veterans and say thank you. Now, when they are every year less and less, we found an opportunity to say their thanks.

Ekaterina Kuznetsova; photo by: Oleg Igoshin
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