Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio Presented a Russian-Chinese Movie Project at SUSU

Today, within the 3rd International Science and Education Forum, a Russian-Chinese documentary movie entitled “Under the walls of Moscow” was presented at SUSU. The movie was created under support of the Federal Press and Mass Communication Agency of the Russian Federation. Partners of the Grig-film producing movie company are the Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio and Hong Kong Satellite TV (North-Eastern Bureau in Harbin, HKS Hong Kong Satellite TV).

The movie narrates about an astonishing fact: the time coincidence of the heroic defense of the Soviet’s capital city of Moscow and a Chinese Changsha city. The huge role of Russia and China in dispelling a myth about the power and might of German fascism and Japanese militarism gets uncovered through the screening of these simultaneously-happening heroic events: the defense of Moscow and the fight fro Changsha; the movie narrates about mutual support of our two nations during the critical period of the World War Two, when the army of our allies suffered one failure after another at the European and Pacific front lines.

The movie became a foundation for conducting within the Forum a master class for students and schoolchildren on the subject of organizing joint international artistic movie projects. Creators of the movie, among whom are: Song Yaowu, the Chairman of the North-Eastern Bureau of Hong Kong Satellite TV, producer, Professor of the Northeast Petroleum University, Doctor of Philosophy and academician of the Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio, and Valery Ruzin, the President of the Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio, producer and honored cinematographer of the Russian Federation delivered speeches for participants of the Forum.

“Today our life shows that documentary movie can influence public conscience at a greater extent compared to feature films. Documentary movies penetrate into the information environment and starts playing more and more significant role in it. Our movie is based on testimony of real people who lived there. The screenwriter and the director made a colossal work to find these people. We’ve been working with Chinese colleagues for more than 12 years already; the Academy held multiple meetings of professional in the sphere of movies and television,” noted the President of EATR.

“Nowadays, documentary movie is very significant as it is important for the next generation in order to obtain information not only from study books but also from movies. We need to constantly remind to the generations about the war, about the role of Soviet’s Union and China in this war. We involved a lot of specialists and scientists into our project; we worked with archives and made a huge work done. The most difficult thing in making a documentary movie is to find trustworthy information,” said Professor Song Yaowu.

By cooperating with European Journalism Training Association, Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology, and with the Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio, South Ural State University is successfully implementing the project for transformation of communication environment inside the university and outside its walls, and favors to formation of a new generation of communication leaders of the 21st century.

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