Lecture by Russian Presidential Candidate Boris Titov Held at SUSU

A meeting with Presidential Commissioner for the Rights of Entrepreneurs Boris Titov was held at South Ural State University on December 19th.

Boris Titov, Presidential Commissioner for the Rights of Entrepreneurs, Co-Chairman of the all-Russia public organization “Delovaya Rossiya” (Business Russia), Chairman of the Russian-Chinese Committee of Friendship, Peace, and Development, and presidential candidate of the Russian Federation at the elections of 2018, visited South Ural State University to initiate the young generation into politics and economics.Valikhan Turgumbayev, Head of Partiya Rosta ChRO VPP (Party of Growth), also took part in the meeting.

Boris Yuryevich offered a presentation on “Growth Strategy” – a Business Plan for Russia” to students. The strategy is based on the experiences for the past, and transferring key moments to the realities of our times. The main goal is our country’s economic development.

“We first began writing special economic works 10 years ago. The word “growth” has been present during all those years,” states Boris Yuryevich.

The most debated discussion topic was the issue of some “stagnation” currently observed in Russia. The speaker offered “new sources of growth” of industrial nature as the solution for this issue.

“To reduce our lagging behind the leading countries, we need to grow by no less than 5% a year during the next 20 years,” notes Boris Titov.

But if the Russian Federation is so far behind the world’s leaders, then how do we need to act, and should Russia maintain its strategy or adopt the experiences of the leading countries? Boris Yuryevich answered these questions, having looked at the economic development strategies for unique examples.

“The most difficult thing is reinventing the wheel. It’s much easier to take a ready-made one, and create your own technologies based on it. We can also compare to a V-formation birds fly in. The leader always takes on the main workload – he heads the formation, and the headwind is upon him, and those who fly behind him just rest. Those who invest something new always suffer the greatest losses, so it’s better for us to be second, third, or even fourth in this formation and use the experiences that others have.”

The participants and organizers of the ROSTA party are sure that the Russian economy has every chance to raise its level and have a good future. It is true that for this, a huge amount of work must be done, and there must be a concrete model of action. We were introduced to one of them today.

At the end of the event, a press conference was held, at which the floor was open to questions on strategies and to evaluations of the event.

“I’m a marketing expert, so it was quite difficult to understand what was initially being presented to the economists, but in general I enjoyed it. Boris Yuryevich is aiming for development and a happy future, just like I am,” shares SUSU student Lorina Kirillova.

“In strategy, the main principle is that demand generates supply. I am absolutely sure that we have an acute shortage of professionals in economy. Investing masses of money into our economy, where they are still not able to create added value from this “mass” leads to the increase of inflation, and the standard of living is reduced automatically. Boris Yuryevich names an inflation rate of around 2-7%, but I’m not sure how this can be measured and evaluated exactly, since Tsentrobank is maintaining the rate high enough for the rate to be higher than the true inflation. I wanted to hear how educated economists speak with the public,” notes Professor of the Department of Industrial Economics and Project Management, Leonid Bayev.

Boris Titov notes that there is only one criterion of success – creating of 25 million high-performance, modern and well-paid jobs by 2025, because good jobs that bring income and satisfaction is the main asset of the modern world.

Marina Terentyeva, Yana Evstigneeva; photo by Oleg Igoshin
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