Students of the SUSU Institute of Law among the Winners of International Student Internet Competition


The results have been calculated and the winners named at the final round of the Open International Internet Competition on the History of Russia, Social Science and Cultural Science (November 10th), and on the Russian Language, Philosophy and Law (November 11th).

The second (and final) round of the Open International Student Internet Competition was held at 33 main universities in the form of on-line testing.

Among the participants of the second round of the Internet Competition in such disciplines as History of Russia, Social Science, Cultural Science, Russian Language, Law, Philosophy were 1,960 students from 120 universities and branches of universities of the Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

468 students from 96 universities participated in second round of the Internet Competition in the History of Russia discipline, 301 students from 46 universities ‑ in Social Science discipline, 159 students from 31 universities ‑ in Cultural Science discipline, 767 students from 91 universities ‑ in the Russian Language discipline, 277 students from 50 universities ‑ in Philosophy discipline, and 288 students from 53 universities ‑ in Law discipline.

Students of the South Ural State University’s Institute of Law won 2 gold, 2 silver and 5 bronze medals in the following disciplines:

Philosophy. “Humanities and Law” Section

  1. Margarita Mulyukova (Ю-316) – gold medal;

  2. Alexander Dubynin (Ю-116) – bronze medal.

Law. “Specialized (Advanced Discipline Study)” Section

  1. Nadezhda Brovina (Ю-332) – silver medal;

  2. Nurlan Zhumabaev (Ю-260) – bronze medal;

  3. Maxim Grigoryev (Ю-240) – bronze medal.                                                                                                

Russian Language. “Humanities and Law” Section

  1. Elena Kolisnichenko (Ю-260) – bronze medal.

Cultural Science. “Humanities and Law” Section

  1. Artur Kudashov (Ю-215) – gold medal (absolute winner)

  2. Alexander Dubynin (Ю-116) – silver medal

Social Science. “Specialized (Advanced Discipline Study)” Section

  1. Vitaliya Miller (Ю-260) – bronze medal.

Our congratulations to the winners of the final round of the Open International Internet Competition!


Marina Kovyazina; photo by: PressFoto
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