Here We Build Not Only Muscles But Also Brain: Enrolling in the Most Athletic Institute of SUSU


What should a person do to feel educated, not being afraid of talking to scientists, and willingly come to the interesting job every day? Director of the SUSU Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service Vadim Erlikh deduced the success formula. Within the walls of this educational institution young people are trained to be not only physically strong, but also intelligent. Today at the Institute where the best scientific, educational, athletic and student traditions of the university are accumulated, students and academic staff are working on perfecting the smart T-shirt, develop “magical” insoles and a recipe for champions’ cocktail. So they are unstoppable in every sense of the word.

The SUSU Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service’s motto is “Get ahead of time with us!” And they are not just flashy words. People here aspire to be leaders in everything, get ahead of the world’s trends and offer their students the knowledge and skills that will always be in demand, that will make a graduate to be competitive.

"After analyzing the tendencies to which the whole modern world lives up, we formulated priority vectors for our own development, says Vadim Erlikh, Director of ISTS. At the departments and laboratories of our Institute we not only research the things that are related with the present, we look ahead. All the processes that are happening nowadays, starting with economy and concluding with science, are very movable, interesting and leaping ahead. Many things have been discovered in the field of medicine, physiology, mechatronics, genetics, human exoskeletons, etc. Just like this, in a few years we will be able to change any part of our body, renew our bones. What is happening in science is tremendous. Prospective students, who nowadays enter the university, during these 4-6 years can become a witness of incredible processes, take personal part in them. There is such a possibility at SUSU".

Nowadays the institute of Sport, Tourism and Service is a large research and education complex, which for 20 years have been training specialists in the field of physical education, pedagogy, adaptive physical culture, tourism, hotel administration, catering organization, service, and technology of metal artistic processing.

Getting ahead of time, scientists of the Institute performed a series of scientific breakthrough. Every discovery is related to human health, diagnostics of organism’s condition, correction of unwanted indicators and influence on health. The main target for the Institute’s fundamental research is physical reserves. One of the successful examples of “know-how” is the development of smart T-shirts, weaved from fibers which properties are similar to the properties of electrodes with superconductivity. Such clothes transmit to tiny sensors all the information about its owner’s physical state – generally more than a hundred parameters – and, if necessary, informs about abnormal deviations. Clinics of Yekaterinburg would like to implement the patented developments of SUSU to observe pregnant women and beginner athletes from youth athletic centers.

Experts of the Institute along with students created a whole complex of small innovation enterprises. Medical unit is capable of non-contact recording of electrocardiogram and ultrasound diagnostics. Author’s non-invasive methods allow us to completely abandon analysis of blood drops and going to hospitals. Just like in case with T-shirts, scientists developed special shoes insoles Fizio Step. This process is supervised by the ISTS-Med innovation enterprise. And the next step is producing sport nutrition products and beverages.

"How do you quickly adapt an athlete to training conditions or environment of competitions, or how do you preserve the energy of a person who works intensively, says Vadim Erlikh. In this concern the issue of healthy functional nutrition and sport beverages is not elaborated enough. Scientists and students from the Department of Technology and Catering Organization are working over formula of special food ingredients which would allow for generating extra energy for adaptation, regulation, endurance and achieving high athletic results".

The scale of fundamental and applied research gave incentive for development of a scientific journal of the SUSU Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service entitled “Human. Sport. Medicine.” The editorial board includes not only scientists from Russia, but also from Europe and the USA. The journal is included in the Web of Science database, and all the articles, published in the journal starting from 2017, will be indexed. Also, the Institute applied for accepting the journal into Scopus database. Until now such honor was only awarded to an edition of the SUSU Institute of Natural Sciences.

Forge of Champions

Not every domestic university can show off such a well-developed infrastructure that the SUSU Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service has. At students’ disposal there are eight academic buildings, a large research and development center of sports science, and unique sports base: swimming pool of Olympic standard, indoor track, twenty different gyms. Educational process is organized so that students can make choices. Young people are not compelled to exercise sports, they are offered the opportunity to find the most interesting direction and develop their skills based on their own preferences.

Active on All Fronts

Outside the sports arena, the Institute is known as an organizer of many cultural, creative and design events in the region. They are exhibitions for International contest of social posters Poster for Tomorrow, design platform of the Debarkader Modern Art Festival, International festival of culinary art, Tourism of the region exhibition, workshops of the leading Russian and international designers (Herve Matin and Bertrand Nicole, Jeff Pulaski and Joey Hannaford). What’s important, is that participation in international projects is entwined with the students’ educational process; it promotes the extension o their professional competencies and allows achieving outstanding results. Students of the ISTS won and took medal places at prestigious projects held on Cyprus, in Greece, Macedonia and other countries.

The Institute implements educational activity on Bachelor’s, Master’s and Postgraduate Studies’ programs. Graduates of the SUSU Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service are appreciated at the labor market by major employers of the Urals Federal District, Russia and abroad.

Among graduates of the SUSU Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service there are such celebrities as the Merited Master of Sports of Russia, the silver and bronze medalist of the world championships in judo Kirill Denisov, the silver prizewinner of the Summer Paralympic Games, the European champion Oksana Guseva. There are also champions in the direction of HoReCa. Among them - the director of the Center for the development of tourism in the Chelyabinsk region, Tatiana Bay, the honoured confectioner of the “Penka” coffee house Igor Tumarkin and many others.

Educational, excercise and competitive activity allows students to successfully join the professional environment after their graduation. The Institute actively cooperates with employers and is guided by their personnel requests. Representatives of the Ministry of Sports - federal and regional, the Ministry of Culture, the Russian National Ski Team, Russian National Teams on orienteering, kickboxing, swimming, and weightlifting participate in the training of students. More than 200 organizations are partners of the ISTS, and the index of employers' loyalty to graduates of the institute is 100%. The major goal of teachers is to ensure that all graduates of the ISTS of SUSU were harmonious, physically fit, intellectually developed, and successful; that they would become professionals of the highest level.

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